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Everspace 2 – Online Gaming Experience

Everspace 2 is an online first-person shooter (FPS) game that has become wildly popular with gamers across the world. It was developed by Electronic Arts, the creators of the popular Halo series of games. And while Everspace 2’s story and setting may seem like it came directly from the Halo games, the two games are […]Read More

Empire of Sin Review

Empire of Sin: Free Online Strategy Game is the latest in a series of games to release by Romero Games., put you in the position of being the most ruthless criminal mind of 1920s prohibition-era Chicago. It is up to you to seduce, bribe, intimidate and manipulate your way through the streets of Chicago to […]Read More

Dying Light 2 – The Following PC Review

The first Dying Light 2 review was written by me last year after my review of the first game. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to play the game again and now have some experience playing on the PC platform. With Dying Light: The Following is a game with a lot of potentials to be […]Read More

Humankind Game Review

In the new Age of Conan game, a team of explorers from another world has landed on Earth and found a new land with its own laws. Unlike many other game genres, Humankind focuses on cultural victory, not military conquests or economic successes. As such, Humankind received some critical acclaim from reviewers who played it. […]Read More

Doom Eternal – The DOOM PC Game Review

Doom Eternal is a reboot of id Software’s classic DOOM game series. The game follows the story of the original game (and the remake) set in Hell. The game starts out on Mars, which is now under an ice age and is being explored by scientists looking for a way to fix Earth. They find […]Read More

Scuf Controller Xbox – Why You Should Have One

Scuf controllers Xbox have become popular due to the fact that they are made to be ergonomic and designed to offer comfort. The Scuf controllers Xbox controller was designed by engineers in Japan who are experts in manufacturing Xbox accessories. They worked for many years to create a controller that was comfortable and ergonomic for […]Read More

New Features in the iPhone 12 Pro

Meet the iPhone 12 Pro, 5G capability. A new high-resolution camera. And the newest Bionic chip, the best processor in an iPhone. And an enhanced Pro video system that takes low light photography to another level. The iPhone 12 has all the features you expect from a professional camera, with a few added bonuses that […]Read More

Beat Saber – Music Games on the PS4

If you want to add your own touch of uniqueness to a video game or music album then you need to find out how to get custom songs for your PlayStation 4. There are so many cool games out there in the beat sabre series, including beat sabre: the assassin’s soul and many others that […]Read More

A Guide to Getting the Latest and Greatest Headset –

Two Minute Reviews can be an amazing tool to help you decide if you would want to try an upcoming product. Reviews are often written by consumers like you who are interested in learning more about a certain item. If you are searching for a new PC-based VR headset, and do not have the budget […]Read More

Finding an Energy Efficient Space Heater

A right, efficient natural gas heater is an efficient space heater which can be used both outdoors and indoors. An effective energy-saving natural gas heating system will provide you with warm air without having to purchase more oil or electricity continually. By utilizing natural gas, you can keep your home or workplace warm for a […]Read More