Hamza Zahid

Hamza Zahid is writing for Tcness, He know mostly about free and open source software, based on his own use of this genre of software. And he also have interest to learns about newly upcoming games. He also work at Animus Webs as a SEO Consultant.

Essential Things to Know About CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras There are lots of systems available that come with?CCTV cameras. Some of them are installed right at your home while others are installed in a business. When you choose which type of system to buy, it is best to get information from different sources. Read on to find out more about the advantages […]Read More

Multiplayer Games on android

Multiplayer Games on android As everything, for now, is canceled, no sport, no trip, no outing, no schools, the population is sneaking to their home to quarantine themselves to avoid the threats from the growing coronavirus crisis. Experts recommend staying distant and do self-quarantine even if you are the one with no sign of illness. […]Read More

The Best Nintendo Wii Games of 2020

The Best Nintendo Wii Games of 2020 A lot of games go unnoticed easily because of the rush and Wii Games have a different flavor of their own. Compared to PSP or Xbox, Wii offers its own store and often offers some nice bundles. The Wii was first released as a home video console by […]Read More

Top 5 most popular indoor Games

Top 5 indoor Games The indoor games are very popular in places where you don’t have good outdoor spots or weather conditions that require you to stay indoors. The favorite pastime among many is also the games they play professionally. Some of these indoor games are even taught as a curriculum in schools as early […]Read More

5 Awesome Gadgets Available on Amazon

5 Awesome Gadgets Available on Amazon Shopping gadgets on Amazon can be truly addictive as the site has thousands of cool gadgets for sale. But if you are looking for exclusive deals, you need to shortlist the bestsellers by searching for some of the latest and most innovative gadgets available in the market. So to […]Read More

A Portable Printer that Fits Right in Your Pocket

A Portable Printer that Fits Right in Your Pocket If you wear the skinniest of the jeans, it will still fit your pocket. The world of amazing and cool gadgets always has something we are not aware of. And, it always has the power to surprise us yet another again. EVEBOT is trying to make […]Read More

MAD Gaze GLOW_ Lightweight & Stylish Mixed Reality VR Glasses

MAD Gaze GLOW_ Lightweight & Stylish Mixed Reality VR Glasses Augmented reality and virtual reality are concepts no more. Al big tech giants are working to pursue applications and gadgets that make this a reality. From gaming to industrial applications, engineers are finding ways to use this new technology for the good. The?VR glasses?introduced with […]Read More

Swiftly Measure Your Body Vitamin at Home with Vitastiq Pen

What can be more comforting than to avoid those long queues and waiting period at the clinic? As technology is becoming more and more accessible to households, medical diagnosis and daily activities can be tracked easily at home. Whether it is blood pressure or level of sugar in the blood, you can do it at […]Read More

The Finest Gaming Graphics Cards of 2019 for Gamers and

When competing for the sweet spot for performance vs. cost and limited options of OEM, the list is often easier to compile. The same is the case for GPUs today. Though the market is filled with various laptops and desktop configurations with the overall configuration affecting final performance, the GPU alone can be reviewed with […]Read More

How to Play the Upcoming and New PC Games of

Gaming as a service is creating a lot of hype now with big corporations like Google diving deep into it. When streaming services like Twitch became popular some time ago, new PC games found a new home. Players and gamers became YouTubers overnight and started wonderful careers online. With everything online, companies like Steam, Valve […]Read More