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SEO Content Marketing Manager | Blogger Outreach | back-link Service Provider | Writer | I?m a creative all-rounder marketer in a fast-paced world. I own most of the aspects in marketing, inbound and outbound, such as content marketing, social media marketing, content writing, WordPress, and database segmentation- All with technical orientation. I have the knowledge to plan and create a sophisticated structure of link-building and lead generation layers in a complex and intense marketing environment. I have the ability to combine "hands-on" and managerial aspects, a hard worker kind of a person, highly motivated, aspirational, organized and responsible. My creative approach, allows me to be flexible and keep myself 1 step ahead of the marketing industry Inbound and Content related.

Apple Boosted by Streaming Services Despite Lockdown

Apple Boosted by Streaming Services Despite Lockdown With new technology coming into the scene, China is more interested in Apple streaming services than iPhones as it records the highest growth during the lockdown beating all expectations.   Technology is an ever-changing subject and it evolves at such a speed that it becomes difficult to predict […]Read More

2020 GPU and CPU designs Intel, AMD, and ARM

2020 GPU and CPU designs Intel, AMD, and ARM Each See Our Computing Future Differently This was a good week for all the processor geeks out there. Just one after the other there was ARM announcing its 2020 GPU and CPU designs, AMD has refreshed the Ryzen line, and Intel has unveiled 10th Generation Core […]Read More

Asus Future Gaming Computer and Laptop Technology 2020

Asus Future Gaming Computer and Laptop Technology 2020 Asus is pushing the boundary in gaming technology in desktop computers and portable laptops. Even, the mobile workstation is a successful niche of Asus. Asus is the laptop brand that has been putting out new technologies in laptop and mobile gaming for over a decade. It has […]Read More

The Humanoid Robot for the Whole Family ”ALPHA 2″

The world of robotics now offers humanoid robots for co-living, assisting families, entertainment for kids and adults alike. You can buy them today online. Robots want to do anything you can to make them do. How? By programming them, designing them, and teaching them. Today AI and robotics have teamed up to create wonderful machines […]Read More

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech, Including Robots and Artificial Intelligence, on Display? The novel coronavirus seems to have thrown the whole world off track. This virus first appeared in China and within months it spread over the world. It now has almost 2 lakhs affected and over 1 lakh death […]Read More

10 Playstation Games We Want to See Remastered for the

10 Playstation Games We Want to See Remastered for the PS5 The PS5 is the latest in the generation of game consoles from Sony, rumored to launch this year. There have been PS5 specs leak hinting at its potentially power-packed configuration. Amidst all these, sources from various game studios have to lead to a string […]Read More

Tech Gadgets in 2020

A Look at the Best Tech Gadgets in 2020 Samsung is making some of the most exciting announcements and exhibitions this CES and there is a lot to wonder about. There are also other new tech companies like the DNANudge that have showcased their innovative ideas, prototypes, and products. These tech gadgets are concepts and […]Read More

Quantum Radar will Expose Stealth Aircraft

The Secrets of Quantum Radar For decades military agencies across the world have been pursuing technologies to do surveillance and catch enemies doing the same. The famous SR71 Blackbird from the US is one of the most notable stealth aircraft, courtesy of YouTube. There have been many developments since then, and before.Radar is the device […]Read More

Space Telescope Revolution

Space Telescope Revolution When the first attempts to understand the stars were made by Galileo little was available to him. Yet, the solar system and its nature were found to be quite different than that of the religious notions of the earth being at the center of the universe. Later, the heliocentric theory was adopted. […]Read More