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Micro USB A

The micro USB has revolutionized the world of technology as we know it. The universal serial bus is a worldwide industry standard that sets standards for micro connectors and cables and various protocols for interaction, communication and power distribution between electronic devices, appliances and other electronic devices. This micro USB, also known as micro UBX […]Read More

Robot dog toy

When buying a robot dog, you should consider the factors that will make the toy functional. These factors include the size, durability, and ability to communicate in several ways. A quality dog toy will be made of strong plastic and designed to resist everyday handling. Consider the size when determining whether or not to buy […]Read More

Lego Robot Kits

Lego Robot Kits is one of the greatest inventions to hit our little girl’s and boy’s toy markets in recent years. The sheer volume and the sheer number of Lego toys have increased dramatically since 2021 when we saw Legos flying off the shelves in brick and mortar stores across America and Europe.   A […]Read More

Apex Legends Characters

The Apex Legends Fighting Game has been postponed several times already, with the latest one even having it’s postponed again. The developers have given no specific reason for the delay but it does look like they are having some kind of trouble with the game’s engine. This is something that they have not addressed thus […]Read More

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World, which is available now for the Nintendo Switch, is an open-world action-adventure game developed and released by Nintendo for the first-ever Wii U console. It is like the Mario Bros., with a much bigger difference: the places visited, the enemies to fight, and the upgrades to get are all taken into […]Read More

Apple watch series 5

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 to the world. Designed internally by Apple to make you more productive, active, and emotionally connected. With a big, bright screen, electrically powered heart monitor, sleek digital crown with vibrating elements, and low and high calorie, step counting watches built-in. ECG within your watch. Buying a New Apple Watch: You […]Read More

Nintendo switch online membership

Nintendo Switch Online membership is a new paid service, which launched on September 18th, 2021, which enables members to enjoy online play with a range of classic NES games, gain access to a wide selection of new games as well as access to a variety of applications from the Switch itself. In this article, we […]Read More

PS4 External Hard Drive

The Game Drive for PS4 is an affordable 2 TB external hard drive for your PS4. You can store up to 50+ games, which means you do not need to delete all your old favorite games just to create more space for the new (old) games. High-speed USB 3.0 technology means you get full-speed play, […]Read More

Which robot is better vector or cozmo

  Both the Cozmo Robot and the Vector are new creations from two very popular companies, iRobot and Zenitone. They have both received raving reviews from consumers, although in different parts of the world. In my own honest opinion, I like the idea behind both robots. That being said, there is still much for me […]Read More

What Are the Best Laptop Cooling Pads?

What is the best laptop cooling pad? There are so many to choose from. Every brand and every type of laptop cooling pads offer different features. The best laptop cooling pads, in my opinion, are the ones that offer the best combination of functions. First of all, let’s discuss gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are big, […]Read More