Huawei Aims at Creating a Smart Future through Artificial Intelligence

Huawei Aims at Creating a Smart Future through Artificial Intelligence The advent of 5G will completely redefine the course of human history owing to its large volume capacity, low latency properties, and the current high-speed internet technology. All these aspects will highly essential in enhancing better?Artificial Intelligence?computing, efficient communication, cost reduction, and boosting efficiency channels. […]Read More

Division 2: A New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamers

New Strategy Game for Hardcore Gamers Ubisoft had launched Tom Clancy?s: The Division2 back in February 2019 with a nice trailer and a great punchline that reads ?The fate of the free world is on the line?. It is a role-playing video game for online games that focus on the FPS genre. Developed in collaboration […]Read More

Is AI-Generated Music as Good as Hits of All Times?

we can Compose Music With the help of AI. AI has the ability to mimic when observations and labels are presented to it in huge numbers. In case of generating music too, if you trained the AI on the biggest hits of all times, ideally it should learn and output something very similar, if not […]Read More

Einride is Preparing to Hire its First Human Remote Truck

First Human Remote Truck Driver Einride are riding a wave of enthusiasm for autonomous technology in trucks. Among the companies working on driverless transport projects, like Tesla, Nikola, and Freightliner, this Swedish company stands out. Since 2016 they have been researching and developing self-driving trucks that promise to save labor to improve working conditions and […]Read More

The Best Gaming PC 2020: 10 of the Top Gaming

Best Gaming PC 2020 Gaming on a budget or willing to buy the fully-featured kit, gaming PC 2020 has a lot to offer this time. It matters the amount of firepower you have if you want to play the newest and most popular titles because they are also most demanding. The best gaming PC 2020 […]Read More

Technology in Life Today and how it has Changed

The proliferous penetration of technology in life has been a constant and steady force for centuries. But, the pace at which 19th and 20th-century inventions have changed the way we look at the world today is unimaginable. The sheer impact of technology or the absence of it is immediate and alarming when you move from […]Read More

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Upcoming Technology with Artificial Intelligence in Different Field The upcoming technology in AI is only days away. Today, AI has found applications in every domain possible. It was arbitrarily fast and is increasing at a rapid pace today. Artificial Intelligence The field of intelligent machines, appliances, and software that work and behave as humans do […]Read More