A New Hardcore Mode of COD is in the Market

New Hardcore Mode of COD is in the Market The famous FPS game is going for a major update and has been getting tons of positive reviews. It is called Call of Duty: Warzone and it is the upcoming Battle Royale mode for the popular military-based first-person shooter PC game. This year, COD 2020 has […]Read More

The Best PC Game of October 2019 is Out Now

The month has been in review for long and just when the end is near; it is time to release the list. Who made it to the top 3 and which games missed to make that comeback or impression on their players and target audience? From companies like ?Ubisoft?, ?Activision? and many more, we expect […]Read More

A New Online Game for Hardcore Gamer (Call of Duty:

If a new ?Gun Fight? mode or a complete new Ground War is about to debut soon on COD: Modern Warfare. It is one of the most promising and long-standing franchises taking a modern take on warfare than the World War inspired game plots of its time. With the recent introduction of its multiplayer, activation […]Read More

Call of Duty Mobile A Fantastic Game for Online Gamer

Ever since Activision took control of the Call of Duty Franchise, there has been constant development in the first-person action shooter. While Call of Duty-Modern Warfare brought the game into popularity when a lot of other games were stuck in the same old rhetoric, this was a breath of fresh air. Both of the single-player […]Read More