The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech

The Coronavirus is Putting a Lot of New Futuristic Tech, Including Robots and Artificial Intelligence, on Display? The novel coronavirus seems to have thrown the whole world off track. This virus first appeared in China and within months it spread over the world. It now has almost 2 lakhs affected and over 1 lakh death […]Read More

Quest for a Coronavirus Vaccine has Engulfed Scientists Worldwide

Coronavirus(coivd_19) The process of developing a vaccine is a long one and something ready to be used by the public requires further scrutiny. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus vaccine, called COVID-19, started in Wuhan province of China, medical authorities across the world have been baffled by it. The scientists and medical professionals from […]Read More

Latest Cancellations at GDC 2020 Include Microsoft & Epic Amidst

Quite a few cancellations have affected the tech industry following the outbreak of Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19 the specific strand affecting the humans. Sony, Facebook, EA, Kojima have had their cancellations announced already, and the latest reports have unveiled more names. Microsoft and Epic are also skipping GDC 2020 that is supposed to […]Read More

Effects of CoronaVirus to the tech sector

Effects of CoronaVirus to the tech sector Covid – 19 coronaviruses has continued to create havoc in the world, killing 3000 people and infecting over 90000 in 77 countries.? As the world continues to look for cure and means of containing the virus, the more it is affecting the global economy. China, which is the […]Read More

How is the Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus?

Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus? The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has been a serious issue for all businesses including the gaming industry. The productions of chips for Apple and Samsung?s smartphones, fabrication of parts and components have been hit by this outbreak. The impact seems to grow as multiple gaming companies, including Nintendo, have […]Read More