Apple Boosted by Streaming Services Despite Lockdown

Apple Boosted by Streaming Services Despite Lockdown With new technology coming into the scene, China is more interested in Apple streaming services than iPhones as it records the highest growth during the lockdown beating all expectations.   Technology is an ever-changing subject and it evolves at such a speed that it becomes difficult to predict […]Read More

Free Quarantine Games Helps you to not get Broad at

Free Quarantine Games Introduction These are difficult times. Half the world is stuck at home. While many are quarantined due to carrying the deadly Coronavirus others are tied at home because of the compulsions of the world we are living in today. In other words, people are learning to live without physically socializing with each […]Read More

3 Quarantine Apps You Need to Ease Boredom & be

Quarantine Apps You Need to Ease Boredom & be Productive The global pandemic has thrown the entire world into a standstill. People are stuck wherever they are and forced to embrace this new normal. Even though we push this as a public safety issue, prolonged quarantine can also lead to psychological issues like boredom, mental […]Read More

How Robots Could Potentially Change the Tech Landscape Amid the

How Robots Could Potentially Change the Tech Landscape Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak During this coronavirus outbreak, technological innovation has been key in realizing sustainable solutions through the use of robot technology. Analysts have predicted that in future, robots will replace most human jobs and this has been further fueled by the advancement of this pandemic. […]Read More

Apple and Google Come Together to Develop a COVID-19 Tracing

Developing a COVID-19 Tracing Tool Google and Apple have joined hands to create a decentralized contact tracing tool. This tool will help people to learn if they have been exposed to COVID-19. Public health authorities can take the help of a contract tracing tool to track the spread of this deadly disease. Thereafter, they can […]Read More

Quest for a Coronavirus Vaccine has Engulfed Scientists Worldwide

Coronavirus(coivd_19) The process of developing a vaccine is a long one and something ready to be used by the public requires further scrutiny. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus vaccine, called COVID-19, started in Wuhan province of China, medical authorities across the world have been baffled by it. The scientists and medical professionals from […]Read More

Latest Cancellations at GDC 2020 Include Microsoft & Epic Amidst

Quite a few cancellations have affected the tech industry following the outbreak of Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19 the specific strand affecting the humans. Sony, Facebook, EA, Kojima have had their cancellations announced already, and the latest reports have unveiled more names. Microsoft and Epic are also skipping GDC 2020 that is supposed to […]Read More