U.S. Space Force’s First Offensive Weapon is a Satellite Jammer

U.S. Space Force’s First Offensive Weapon Technology has changed the way defense mechanisms operate in the world. Countries that are dependent on communication from satellites orbiting the earth for their armies and other men on the ground in war or warlike times are in for a shock. The US Space Force has a communications system […]Read More

Maxar & NASA to Exhibit Robotic Spacecraft Assembly in the

Robotic Spacecraft Assembly in the Orbit Robotics has seen a great push forward with the current development straight from NASA. Now, robots are in space with manipulator robots being employed for spacecraft assembly. Industrial robots have been designed to create a robotic arm for various tasks like welding, die-cast, pick and place, and more. All […]Read More

Japan will Build a Robotic Moon Base

Something completely out of the blue appeared when it was announced that Japan is trying to land on the moon. What the biggest countries and most advanced nations have been thinking for decades, is taking a new turn. With developing countries like India trying to land their robots on the moon with the help of […]Read More