The Best of the Far Cry Gaming Series

The Best of the Far Cry Gaming Series Far Cry?ranks among the most popular first-person shooter games of all time, owing to its enduring and in-game survival tactics that go along way into distinguishing the series from all its competitive games. Since its initial release in 2004, the game has been evolving where players are […]Read More

Best Free PC Games to Entertain You in 2020

Best Free PC Games to Entertain You in 2020 Some of the most popular free?PC games?now guarantee to offer the endless player hours of excitement and entertainment, all for free. They are a great option if you are looking for an escape from reality and real-life pressure. These games are an excellent way to spend […]Read More

The Best Gaming Keyboards for PC in 2020

The Best Gaming Keyboards for PC in 2020 In the modern gaming setup, having a friendly and top-quality?gaming keyboard?is a crucial requirement. It is not always about aesthetics and peripherals anymore. Standard keyboards might still do the job, but there are many additional features as well as an aesthetic appeal that you can only get […]Read More

Virtual Reality Gaming: The Best VR Headset Models of 2020

Virtual Reality Gaming: The Best VR Headset Models of 2020 Most times, you often wonder what would be the ideal?VR headset?that would give you an edge in some of the most popular Virtual Reality games in 2020. It will also interest you to determine if it is worth investing in a complete VR hardware setup. […]Read More

The Best Gaming PC 2020: 10 of the Top Gaming

Best Gaming PC 2020 Gaming on a budget or willing to buy the fully-featured kit, gaming PC 2020 has a lot to offer this time. It matters the amount of firepower you have if you want to play the newest and most popular titles because they are also most demanding. The best gaming PC 2020 […]Read More

Best PC Games 2019: The Must-Play PC Games You Don’t

Some of the best games of this year were first-person shooters and mobile versions of them. The games like COD made a huge splash. On the other hand, making a list of the best PC games 2019 made for PC is a challenging task. Since consoles like ?PS4? and ?Xbox? dominate the gaming industry, yet […]Read More

The Upcoming Best PC Games of 2020, if You Missed

There have been too many announcements in the tech industry lately, and one cannot avoid but missing a few of them, now and then. If gaming is your favorite pastime or even profession, you cannot miss the huge blockbuster game titles that are making the rounds now. With 2019 only 2 months away, the stage […]Read More

A New Upcoming Game for PC Gamers (Watch Dogs: Legion)

This is a new adventure waiting to arrive on your desktops and laptops. In a future where Britain is out of the EU, a post-Brexit era is the background of this story. You can play as any NPC with the new upcoming action-adventure Watch Dogs: Legion. And, this is the third installment in the series […]Read More

A New Online Game for Hardcore Gamer (Call of Duty:

If a new ?Gun Fight? mode or a complete new Ground War is about to debut soon on COD: Modern Warfare. It is one of the most promising and long-standing franchises taking a modern take on warfare than the World War inspired game plots of its time. With the recent introduction of its multiplayer, activation […]Read More