The Future of Technology Resides in the Quantum Cloud

The Future of Technology Resides in the Quantum Cloud With the advancement in technology and computing, resource-intensive applications have become commonplace. Whether it is IoT or tackling large-scale problems that supercomputers cannot solve, quantum computers prove to be the next big thing. So much so that Google and IBM have long since tried to develop […]Read More

This Algorithm from Quantum Physics

This Algorithm from Quantum Physics Explains the Transition between Classical and Quantum Objects How close can you look at objects? Even going beyond what naked eye can see, going beyond what a magnifying glass can see. The idea of looking closely and far enough has always been a goal for humanity. At such proximity where […]Read More

Google Claims it has Achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’

For all that claim that Google made comparing it to the historic feat of sending the first rocket into space, the announcement was not received happily by some. The race to space was one of the biggest bum fights between the Russians and Americans back in the days. It was strategic and military importance to […]Read More

The Long-Sought Quantum Computing Supremacy by Google under Scrutiny

CEO Sundar Pichai made an announcement on Wednesday that their quantum processor was able to compute a previously impossible problem. And, soon after the press release, IBM released a blog article describing the milestone as a mere showcase but not actual quantum supremacy. It was described that with this feat, Google’s quantum computer is now […]Read More