What’s So Great About the GTX 1070 Ti ?

The new generation of gaming graphic cards, Intel and Nvidia, have become some of the most popular gaming systems available. The original GTX Titan was highly praised as one of the top gaming cards for gamers. In just a few months, it has replaced the old standard gaming system. Since its release, the new gen gaming cards have been offering excellent gaming, Performance at very affordable prices. This is why many consider the new releases, Some of the best gaming cards around.

gtx 1070 ti

Why the GTX 1070 Ti is so impressive:

The new GTX 1070 Ti from Nvidia is an improvement over the older Maxwell architecture of previous-generation gaming cards. The latest card from Nvidia promises to offer twice, the number of frames per second of the old GTX Titan, while consuming half the power. This is a remarkable achievement for any graphics card, especially when you consider that the average gaming PC does not consume, More than a quarter of a watt of power at all times. With these sorts of capabilities, it’s easy to see why the GTX 1070 Ti is so impressive.

The new cards from Nvidia:

Compared to the older cards, however, the new cards from Nvidia have a few things going for them, That will make them stand out from the rest. The biggest difference between the old and the new cards from Nvidia, Is the amount of memory bandwidth offered. The old cards only have 4 GB of memory bandwidth, while the newer cards offer 8 GB. This allows them to easily compete with the leading cards, Like the Radeon R7 and the Titan X. Of course, Many specifications can be compared, but two of the biggest differences that I can think of right off the bat, the memory bandwidth and the number of frame rates supported.

Level of quality:

The new cards from Nvidia offer a level of quality that is unmatched in the gaming world. While many manufacturers have taken advantage of increasing the amount of memory available to their products to justify higher prices, Nvidia has figured out a way to use the space on a card for increased performance that doesn’t break the bank. By increasing the size of the G Buffer, they were able to reduce the amount of heat that is generated by the card, which improves the temperature performance of the card while simultaneously increasing the life span. This is a major advantage of the G Buffer that no other manufacturer can match.

Dual screen gaming supporting card:

There are other features that the new G-Sync cards include that may give them an edge over the competition. For example, unlike many competing brands, the G-Sync units actually support dual-screen gaming. Previously, these weren’t possible due to a lack of compatibility between the graphics processor and the motherboard. However, with the G-Sync systems, you can use two monitors at the same time. thanks to the additional slots on the motherboard. If you are a gaming enthusiast who loves to have multiple displays at once. This feature is definitely one to look for.

The unique feature of the new Nvidia G-Sync:

Another unique feature of the new Nvidia G-Sync range of cards. They all utilize the same standard for input and output. This means that all of the cards will have the exact number of ports, including Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D, and so forth. The introduction of the standard, Opens up a huge market for consumers looking for a variety of features in their PCs. It also means that the cost of these cards is lower than most others on the market at the moment.

The standard is already baked into the silicon of many of the latest graphics processor cards, and so the G-Sync range is forced to use the very same standard as in the latest generation of gaming consoles. However, as the technology becomes more mature, it makes sense for computer manufacturers to move onto newer standards if possible, such as the Opus range which incorporates many of the advanced features of the GPuass to provide a better gaming experience.

The 1060 Ti is almost twenty percent faster:

In terms of the gaming performance of the two cards. The Nvidia G-Sync cards tend to out-perform the ATI based alternatives. For instance, the 1060 Ti is almost twenty percent faster. When running the same game at High Definition compared, With the comparable setup using the older ATI cards. Also, the Nvidia cards tend to use less power while being far quieter. The newer generation of the graphics card. Able to do this by utilizing many of the new technologies. That has become available with the Pascal GPU. Such as Massive array computing, streaming multiple audio sources, and so forth.

Of course, we’re talking about two different generations here, and so it would be unfair to compare the two in terms of how many cores each one has. However, we can make a fair point about the overall performance of both cards. The older cards have a few fewer cores, while the newer ones boast twelve individual cores. This means that the new cards are generally faster when they’re utilized in heavy gaming scenarios. In short, if you want to get the most out of your gaming experience. Then the new, high performing at 1070 ti should be your option