iPhone 13 Leaks And Rumors

Apple has once again created a new icon in the smartphone world with the release of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 was first introduced during the keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June of this year. It introduces many new features and upgrades that make using the phone easier than ever before. There are many rumors that have surfaced regarding the iPhone 13, but no one quite knows for sure what will be the feature that everyone will love. In this iPhone 13 review, I am going to give an in-depth look at some of the most talked-about upgrades and changes with this release.

New Feature In iPhone 13

One of the biggest upgrades in the iPhone 13 is the face recognition technology. Apple has once again adopted a technology known as FaceID. This is much like the one they used on the iPod Touch, but instead of using your finger as a fingerprint to unlock the phone, it uses your face as the key. It can definitely make entering passwords a lot easier than trying to use a fingerprint reader. However, this face recognition system is only available on the iPhone 13 for now. We should see additional systems like the iPhone 12, and possibly the next-generation iPhone from Apple in the future.

One upgrade that I am really excited about is the iPhone’s dual-diagnosis capabilities. The iPhone has always been able to identify different ailments, but now it can also diagnose diabetes and arthritis. This means that you can take your diabetes or joint problems into your own hands by purchasing the iPhone. If you were to purchase the iPhone is, then you could only take prescription medicine. If you have both diabetes and arthritis, then you would have to get your hands on an iPhone with the dual-diagnosis functionality.

Two Separate Screens in iPhone 13

Another rumor circulating around the iPhone is that it will have two different screens. These leaks come from an internal company leak, which only the engineers at Apple are privy to. Apple is said to be looking to expand upon the features of its current devices by adding two separate screens. This would allow you to take your music and photos on the go, while still viewing your email and text messages on the main screen.

One feature that was heavily debated in the run-up to the launch of the iPhone is the touch id button. Many people thought that this was a superfluous feature that really did not contribute anything to the user experience. However, after seeing the new iPhone. I am now very happy that the touch id button really does make a difference. I am able to use my finger to operate the touch id button, which is much more convenient than having to touch the home button with my thumb.

 iPhone 13 Release Date

Another rumor circulating is that the iPhone may finally have a lower resolution. Some people have suggested that the iPhone is getting a lower pixel resolution to reduce the need for the bloated “buttons” that currently sit on the iPhone’s face. However, the rumors were untrue and the face of the iPhone has remained unchanged in terms of resolution. In fact, the iPhone is now using the same size and density as all the other current iPhones.

The last rumor that I want to talk about concerns the possibility of an iPhone 13 release date delay. Apple is said to be planning on releasing the new device alongside the new iPad. However, a reliable source has told The Verge that the release date of the iPhone has been moved back to sometime in the spring. This is because there was supposed to be some sort of product refresh happening between the holidays, and therefore there was not enough time to complete the refinements required to launch the new device in time for Christmas. Regardless. The fact that the iPhone 13 is now coming out in Spring, means that it will most definitely be here before the end of the year.

A final rumor from leaked iPhone leaks has to do with the display size of the device. Many people speculate that the iPhone will be gaining a larger display in order to fit more users. If so, the rumor may be true. However, it remains to be seen whether the rumor will be proved false or not.