Prediction 2021: The Future of Robot Technology Next Year

The technological advancements are at the forefront of the decade’s end. In a few days, we shall be in 2021; the starting of the new decade and all the year’s work will come to a culmination of innovation and advancements made in a term of 10 years. What is the future of robot technology How will the robots in the future look and work like There are lots of questions and here we take a brief look at the journey so far.

It is an Exciting Time to be in Robotics

Driven by diversification in the industry and $100 billion global sectors in robotics, upcoming robots are going to be in your houses, in restaurants, and in malls. They will help sort your luggage, assist the disabled in and around airports and more. Industrial robots are now no longer the domain restricted to robotics. Robot technology is now eventually becoming a part of life. In terms of software and hardware, robots are cleaning floors, arranging warehouses and more.

What is the future now According to the Director of Product Development at Real-Time Robotics, they predict a range of innovations across disciplines. The good times are still around the corner but they won’t last much longer. The field of Cobots or collaborative robots are taking over. Now, robots will work alongside humans and help them.

The Shift from Industrial Robots to Assistive Robots

The robot in 2021 will be an assistant and help the human do its work efficiently. There are already exoskeletons that can help one lift up to 200 pounds like a loaf of bread. The field of robotics is also getting deep into smaller scale assembly line robots like the ones from ABB. With a host of safety features, robots are now assign more closely to humans. Industrial robots are getting easier to program and more persuasive.

There is a shift from script-based programming to graphical-based programming on the fly. This means you can program your assisted cobot to follow another set of instructions just in a matter of minutes than days.

The Wake of Artificial Intelligence

In the event of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Intelligence, the robots can work with humans and even help them in making things better. They can interact, think and perform complex tasks more efficiently than a human can ever do. Today robots are employe to perform parcel sorting and pick and place operations at big warehouses so that humans can indulge in higher-level intelligent activities. The robot technology is pushing the boundaries and making useful use cases today. This is why they are being pursued by giants like Google and Apple.


  • The robot technology will gather momentum and make our life easier.
  • They can do complex tasks efficiently.


Humans have to think higher and develop higher-level skills.


As of the next decade starting from 2021, the robots will become more collaborative. They will start to come out of industries into our living spaces and start to interact with humans.