The New Dimension Headphones JBL Quantum

Feel the thunderous impact of bass in the room where you’re ready to rock with JBL Quantum. The revolutionary wireless technology lets you feel the rumble from the trunk of your car. And the rumble from the best recording studios.
Leave nothing on the record, turn up the volume. And experience the ultimate in home theater. Connect JBL Quantum Wireless headphones and experience the ultimate in surround sound.

Plugin the headphones and let the dynamic range of this line of headphones. Make your every move feels the next level. Rock hard to the beat with JBL Quantum 600 Wireless and DTS. From the smallest footstep to the loudest blast. These headphones make every scene spectacular.

Sound Quality:
JBL Quantum 600

Immerse yourself in a realistic soundscape. Complete with the best sound quality available. Plugin JBL Quantum 600 Wireless and let the high-definition sound waves fill your space. Immerse yourself with surround sound music from your favorite media sources. Transport yourself to the frontlines of war with JBL Quantum 600 Wireless. Immerse yourself with true audio quality that will put you in the center of the action.

Experience the ultimate in sound quality with the help of Quantum series. Headphones that deliver the same quality found in headphones produced by professional studios. From large dynamic drivers to tiny ear cups, JBL Quantum provides you with a dynamic range of headphones that will literally take your breath away. Enjoy audio from a wide range of sources.
Enjoy the richness of even the most expensive home theaters. With a JBL Quantum series set inside a durable and lightweight metal body.

JBL Quantum series makes a gaming fun. Immerse your mind in a new world of enhanced sound and vivid surround sound effects. With JBL Quantum 600 you can dominate your friends and rivals in real life competitive gaming.
Find your place among the top gamers on the planet. On immersing your mind in high definition audio with the help of a JBL Quantum 600 Wireless Gaming headphone. Use the same technology that professional gamers use to get the edge over the competition with a superior audio experience.

Lightweight Design:
JBL Quantum lightweight design

What ever you are at your desk or amidst the fray on your battlefield. A JBL Quantum 600 can make your experience more entertaining. The lightweight design of the headphones. And their durable construction ensures no external fatigue. DVR-ready design and advanced technology ensure a constant flow of gameplay.
Experience a smooth flow of audio from your favorite gaming source. Connect a microphone to your gaming headset for true voice chat and a true sense of realism.

JBL Quantum Features:

Your favorite platforms you have to use Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation. The Play Station have joined forces with JBL to bring gamers the ultimate in audio quality in headset technology.
With the help of a superior speaker design and the latest technology. The Quantum series delivered a new dimension in the world of PC gaming.
The ultra-lightweight design of the headphones allows for an easy transfer. The Retrieval of media in while being placed. In one’s pockets or carried around. Connect a portable device to the computer and enjoy your favorite platform games in an all-new way.

Audio and Video Quality:
Audio and Video Quality

Enjoy stunning visuals with a wide array of vibrant colors in a stylish and functional design. The high definition audio clarity delivered by the JBL  series. Will astound you with its clarity and realism. Multi-channel audio capabilities ensure that your games are played in stereophonic sound with crisp clarity.
Enjoy multi-channel audio and video with the help of JBL Quantum series gaming headsets. Experience gaming in new ways by equipping your headset with the latest JBL. Experience a completely new dimension in the world of audio gaming with this exciting gaming headset.