10 Best Cool Math Games for Android

10 Best Cool Math Games for Android

The gaming revenue from mobile games has been record-high last year, with just the top game, called PUBG, making $158 million alone in sales. However, there are also very small and simple games that have earned millions of downloads. These are free and fun to play. They are math puzzles and games and offer interesting feat to players.

1: 2048

Perhaps it is one of the most popular games and best cool math games in this field. All the player has to do is combine similar numbers, squares of 2, to make bigger numbers, till they reach 2048, and that is it. Failing to do so might lead to filling up all the grids in the 4×4 or 3×3 layouts and the player loses.

2: Khan Academy Kids

This is an educational app for kids. There are a bunch of mini-games. These also include a bunch of math games. It is targeted towards young kids and those just learning to develop their math skills. This is free too.

3: Math Games

Known by the same name, Math Games is a wonderful game. It helps solve puzzles and easy arithmetic problems, the more you get, the higher the score you make. It also helps people who want to improve their math skills. It is free of cost.

4: Math Land

This is a $2 math game and offers nice puzzles, cool math games, and ways to get really involved. It offers 25 levels all the way starting from the kindergarten to harder games for even adults. There are levels where you have to collect gems with a pirate theme to proceed.

5: Math Master

It is a bit pricey at $4 but offers a brain training kind of gaming style. The goal is to answer arithmetic answers and that too as fast as possible. It also offers a dozen different languages to pick from. You can though play for free as well.

6:Math Riddles

This is a free to play the game and offer riddles across all grades starting from 1st grade to 8th grade. The UI is clean, sleek and minimal and you get a bunch of puzzles at every level.

7: Mental Math Master

The game can be played with Pro version at $8 although it is also free to play. It has some hardcore math problems as well and offers things like square roots, logarithms, and more.

8: Sudoku

Perhaps it is one of the cool math games that have been there since the days of newspapers. Sudoku puzzles have been time-consuming and entertaining at the same time. You fill out a grid of numbers so that each column, row, and each subgrid have the numbers one through nine.

9: Threes

This is a similar game like 2048 but you move tiles and combine them as they double and so on. However, it is a fairly simple game than the 2048 and here you combine 3 and 6 and so on rather than squares of 2, and that’s all.

10: Toon Math

This is a pricy game at $14 to start with. The math is a hybrid of several fields here. It is a hybrid between a math game and an endless runner game. The game mechanics are solid and enjoyable. Players pick up arithmetic problems and you solve them by jumping over obstacles and in the lane with the proper answer. It is a cool math game.


Very soon the entire mobile gaming industry is predicted to overtake China’s market by $158 billion in revenue alone, surpassing console games.