Tech Gadget for New Born Baby

Tech Gadget for New Born Baby

As babies have been raised for millenniums before this rise of technology and tech gadget world there is nothing that cannot be done without. Yet, with the help of technology, you can make your work easier, simpler and effective. In order to parent, there are several such innovative ideas and products. The best tech gadget of this year is the one most widely used too. Whether it is getting fussy or helping your baby falls asleep, there are devices.

But, nothing is more useful than a baby monitor that can help you keep a watch over your little one, even when away. We take a look at some of the most sophisticated and high-tech baby monitors available in the market and more importantly, some rather new ideas that have reached the market for good.

  • Hatch Baby Reest

If you want to make a good investment you would like something that is ultra helpful and convenient. This baby monitor has next-level features with complete control at your palm. As the name suggests this is a real beauty and works like a charm. The design and aesthetics are really pleasing and blends well within a baby’s room. It is a tech gadget with a brilliant sleep training clock and is also an audio baby monitor. As of now, you can buy this for under $100 and it does nearly everything you would want it to do. Even more, it is two-way audio too, so no matter wherever you are, you can quickly let your baby know you’re nearby.

But, sometimes the best audio is also not sufficient and we want to include video as well. This is where the next tech gadget comes in.

  • White Noise Generator

This is a concept that takes the limit of how a tech gadget can go for assisting new parents. Technology is trying to create amazing things, and Marpac Dohm Elite, Hatch Rest, HoMedic, Yogasleep and many more also make them. This is considered to create and mimic sounds that babies were accustomed to hearing when inside the womb helping them to fall asleep. The pros and cons of using such a device are still debated but the fact that there are tons of products out there tells a lot. These are also called ?Baby Sounds Machines? and can be a lifesaver when nothing else works. There are also that produce calming sounds.

Also, there are apps for iOS and Android, which do the same too. You could use Alexa and the Echo which you might have already.

  • Owlet Cam Baby Video Monitor

This one is a little bit more expensive than the previous one but it does lots of things. There is a pretty nice camera with audio facilities that helps you monitor your baby from anywhere and the monitor’s 1080p video feed also lets you watch everything is pure detail. It works during the day as well as during the night without hiccups. The monitor works in two ways. You can control it via your smartphone as usual. There is more though.

With the video feed, you also get the surrounding room temperature around your baby. There is a wide-angle lens meaning that it gets you a 130degree view with every bit of detail of the nursery. So, if you are sold on it, you can go ahead and buy it at around $150. When you’re at work and longing for a glimpse of your baby, Owlet’s tech gadget can do it. It allows you to stream video and audio via your phone’s app. There is night vision enabled on the camera and it streams the video in the same manner. The connection is made via secure Wi-Fi encrypted and then streamed to your smartphone.

  • Baby Bath Thermometer

A great tool is to have a bath thermometer if you’re a new parent. This comes in handy almost always. These floating bath thermometers can be purchased online. The good thing is that they continually update the temperature so that you can be sure that it isn’t too hot or cold for your little one. This tech gadget is a terrific piece of baby kit for mothers so that you can get an accurate reading and not worry about testing the water with your hand. It might be different at different times and having a thermometer is much more practical.

  • Self-Warming Bottle

  • One of the cool tech gadgets available these days are these bottle warmers. These water bottles can be purchased for as little as $30. A company based in the UK called Yoomi makes one of these. Considered as the best invention in a decade, this tech gadget warms the milk to perfect breastmilk temperature in just 60 seconds and that too at the touch of a button. This is simply the fastest method yet. Traditional systems rely on human judgment on how warm to make. These systems control the warming process so that the milk formula doesn’t get modified due to the extra heat.


  • Breastmilk Alcohol Testing Kit

It is supposedly a worthy tech gadget that needs to be mentioned. With alcohol consumption having increased manifolds in past years among women a great tool would be to have this testing kit. It is especially for new parents. This is a great help for moms wanting to have a glass of wine or a few drinks while they are breastfeeding. You can use a breast pump and make a good enough milk for a few days and then use this kit to test the breastmilk for alcohol. When you’re sure, then you can resume breastfeeding after the drinks break. Not all tech gadgets are these useful but for new moms who can’t abstain completely, this is a great help.


Some of the best tech gadget for babies has always been monitoring equipment and with all this innovation some devices like alarm systems are taking a lot of ideas as well. Security is the key with babies; however, sleep aid, lullaby devices, health monitoring devices, and even gadgets that help you choose the best products for your baby are key ideas for this sector.