10 Lame Gadgets People don’t Buy Anymore

Technology has given some great products to gadget lovers and some of these products have lost their value due to advancements in technology or people do not buy them anymore because they are simply lame. Here are 10 lame gadgets of technology that failed to impress its users.

  1. Laundroid

This was a machine created to fold the clothes. The robot-controlled machine with its AI was able to recognize the different types of clothes such as shirts, pants, underwear, etc., and fold them. The huge machine came with a whopping $16,000 price tag.

  1. Smart Hair Brush or Hair Coach

The smart hairbrush was produced by Withings in collaboration with L?Oreal and Kerastase. This product was designed to provide the user?s information regarding their hair health and to give suggestions for better brushing quality. It was able to recommend the ideal L?Oreal product for the user. Priced at $200 smart brush was an unwanted product for the people.

  1. Selfie Stick for MacBook

Can anybody think of using a MacBook for taking a selfie? The people who produced the selfie stick for MacBook has solved a great problem for the users! The manufacturers of this product just forgot the fact that most iPhones have a better camera than MacBook.

  1. Egg Minder

Quirky?s egg minder is designed to send notifications when the eggs are going to finish by syncing with your smartphone. The tray of the egg minder device has LED lights which will help you to identify the eggs which are reaching the expiry date. The functional utility is very low for this product.

  1. Smalt Salt Dispenser

This salt dispenser connected to Amazon Alexa can control the use of salt. Use the smartphone to dispense the salt through the app. It can also work as a Bluetooth speaker and can work as mood lighting for the dinner table. Most people believe that they can control salt use without this gadget as the poor sale of this gadget indicates.

  1. Hapifork

Does one need a fork to tell them that they are eating fast? The fork starts vibrating when a person is eating too fast. This Bluetooth enabled smart fork from Hapilabs has not found many takers.

  1. Umbrella

?This umbrella sends weather alerts for the local area and sends alerts so that there is no chance of misplacing it. The umbrella also changes its color when it gets wet. Is that a brilliant idea which is of any use to customers?

  1. Smart Water Bottle

The markets are flooded with smart water bottles which help people to remain hydrated and to lose weight.?They can track the intake of water and send reminders to drink water.

  1. Spider Catcher

This product boasts of removing spiders from your home without going near them or harming them. Catching fast-moving spiders may require some skills though.

  • Air Conditioned Shoes

Designed to give extra fresh air for the feet, air-conditioned shoes have holes in the sole with unique filters. This is an imperfect creation as anyone can put holes in the shoes to make the feet cooler.