The Shirt that Keeps the Body Warm

Once fall is about to set in, people start to realize the need for wrapping themselves in jackets or sweaters to keep the body warm. They feel that the winter is about to kick in and it is time for the body to face extreme cold and wintry conditions. So, if anybody is thinking of how to stay warm and protect your body from the snowy days and nights this winter season without suffering from shivers and chill winds, then it is time to switch to wearable technology.

Switch to Flame Base

The Flame Base is the answer to all the cold body and shivering problems that people face during the winter season. This is a special wearable shirt that can automatically adjust its temperature to satisfy the needs of the body. The Flame Base comes with long sleeves and will help in heating the body to the set temperature during the colder climatic conditions. Once the body has reached the optimal set temperature, the wearable shirt will shut off automatically and prevent the body from getting further heated up. This is an alternative to people finding it difficult to keep on wearing one sweater over the other to just keep their body warm during the harsh winter conditions. The smart wearable shirt has been designed in such a way that it can keep the body warmer by about 10 degrees more, even if the outside temperature goes below freezing point.

How does it Work?

The embedded sensor provided in the Flame Base shirt tracks the heat of the body all the time as long as its power lasts. It will deactivate on its own during vigorous activities or when the wearer is in active mode. It can switch off automatically when the user is running, working out in the gym, or when he does snow skiing. It can also switch off on its own when the user gets into a room that is hotter or has a heating system. The shirt can easily sense when the body needs the heating and when it does not need any heating. This is an intelligent sensor that turns on and off automatically depending on the body temperature of the wearer.

How Long does it Provide Warmth?

The Flame Base shirt is black in color and is fully washable. It is made using bamboo fabric that is very comfortable and soothing on the body. The shirt can be cleaned using mild liquid detergent. It is made using high-end panels that can provide continuous warmth to the body for three hours. If it is not used continuously and works depending on the body?s heat, then the shirt can offer the required warmth needed for the body up to 12 hours.


  • Helps in keeping the body warm at an optimal temperature during winter.
  • Reduces the need to use sweaters.


  • A bit expensive.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt about the technology and the idea behind this body warmer sensor-controlled shirt. It is a one-stop solution for all men and women who do not like to cover the body with a lot of clothing during the winters. This smart shirt offers the right kind of heat to keep the body warm in tough wintry situations. It is a real winner and a must-try one for all those living in colder climatic regions.