Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Version: An Overview of Recent Features

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Version: An Overview of Recent Features?

On April 23, Google launched developer preview 3 of Android 11, which is likely the ultimate developer preview for the following edition of Android. Google might probably begin launching beta variants starting next month. All Pixel-supported phones have the Android 11 developer preview 3 (DP3). In case you have the developer preview 2, you probably have received the over-the-air update alert for DP3. It is crucial to acknowledge that moving forward; there is a possibility that a few of the stipulated features may fail to culminate in the stable edition of Android 11.?

Similar to other operating system manufacturers, Google carries out trials with features before figuring out the most logical ones to incorporate in the last version. This article seeks to point out the new intriguing features expected in Android 11. The features discussed here are focused on the consumer-facing modifications.

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Larger Previews in New Apps

As reported by XDA developers, Android 11 developer preview 3, Google has incorporated larger previews in the new apps screen. The outline of the real preview is relatively similar to the previews available for Android 11 but the preview size is much more significant. Google has also included two new shortcuts along the lines of screenshot and share in the Android 11 developer preview 3. Whereas the screenshot alternative will capture a screenshot of an app appearing in the new app screen, it is the share button that will capture the screen content and open the share sheets for fast sharing.

Better App Permissions

Google has been continually attempting to resolve the app permissions in the past couple of Android versions, and this work is going on with Android 11. The firm has incorporated a new alternative in Android 11 developer preview 3. This latest option will invalidate the permission of an app if the said app has remained unutilized for a couple of months. In the Android 11 developer preview 3, the new alternative will assist unwary users from malicious apps that drain their data.

Latest Screenshot pop-up

In Android or even on a Pixel, anytime you take a screenshot, there is a short preview of the captured image moments before it recedes from view. After this, you can swipe down to get your alert panel as well as have shortcuts for deleting, editing, and sharing of a given screenshot. Android 11 developer preview 3 emulates the example of the playbook of iOS currently displaying a preview of a screenshot.?

It appears on the corner of your screen on the bottom-left side. You can click on the close icon to dismiss the screenshot pop-up, and to its side, you will find shortcuts to share and edit, which are easier to access in comparison with previous versions. Following the developer preview 3, what pops up first if the screenshot, followed by the shortcuts, and ultimately it all disappears within approximately five seconds in case of no interaction.?

Ethernet Tethering

The Android 11 developer preview 3 incorporated a new choice to the hotspot as well as tethering menu by way of ethernet tethering. It will let individuals connect their Android smartphones to a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. After this, it will then link the LAN cable to the adapter as well as their PC to utilize the Internet from their smartphone. It is a niche element, although it will be useful in case you are attempting to use the Internet on a desktop that lacks Wi-Fi support.

Dismissing Unending Notifications

Android Authority reports that Google included the capability to disregard persistent alerts in developer preview 3. Whereas the Android consumers can brush off the majority of the notifications found in Android 10, the continuous warnings that occasionally reveal applications are running in the background cannot be ignored.?

Google is letting users get rid of those in developer preview 3. The dismissed constant notifications will go to the History panel that began with developer preview two and will get to be included in the list. Users can tap on this list to view the dismissed never-ending notifications.

Developer Preview 3 has all things you require to test the new Android 11 features, try your apps by downloading and flashing a gadget system image to Pixel 4 / 4 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL, Pixel 3 / 3 XL, or Pixel 2 / 2 XL device. You can also establish the Android Emulator by way of Android Studio. After this, upgrade your Android Studio environment using the newest Android 11 Preview SDK.