It?s Back in Development, Payday 2 Back on Track

The CEO of Starbreeze, the company behind Payday, released a statement confirming that the game is back on track. It is under active development and they have patched up a Payday 2: Legacy Edition to mark the announcement too. A few changes have been made into Payday 2 and CEO Mikael Nermark is happy with the present state of the project. As the studio would admit that their interpretation that the interest in Payday 2 would decline gradually and it was better to leave it was wrong.

An Ultimate was Supposed to Arrive

As planned originally Payday 2: Ultimate Edition would have arrived in 2022 that would allow users to purchase the base game and then also all the expansions and all DLC until the next major installment of the game arrived. But, with a twist of fate, they need finance for active development and hence the release of the Legacy Edition.

And, this means that it has officially replaced the Ultimate Edition and still includes the base game, the over 5 years of DLC content and a lot of fun for the gamers, although, the new content is only available to Steam users on the PC. Then, you could get all at once. But the studio also said that following the announcement, the gamers can start to find the DLCs made available individually too just like before.

With a new interest in the project, Payday2 and its installment, Starbreeze Studios is trying to make a mark and use that to create the next big thing.

The Payday 2 Steam edition is only available for playing now but there is a promise that this will also get a major update for the PC, but, if this will be a free update or a paid version is yet unknown.

Issues within the Studio

The letter from CEO to T3 does not address the issues that the studio has been facing and going through for some time. It was found that the company was forced to liquidate and then enter into a reconstruction again. Despite the obstruction of the flow of cash the company has managed to keep itself afloat.

So, the next steps can be a real game-changer or bring the complete demise of the studio. We do not know! But, we hope for the best.

As of now, Payday 2 PS4 is also available alongside the PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions. The Legacy Collection, as mentioned, is strictly for PC-only but once again we are all waiting for new information from the company.


  • The game is out, and automatically converts Ultimate Edition owners to Legacy Edition.
  • It has all the DLC over 5 years.


  • The game is only for PC as of now, however.

The trailer for Payday 2: Legacy Edition is out too and can be enjoyed on YouTube. With over 150+ weapons and 350+ masks, a lot of single objectives and different locations, this can be a great time pass.