The Upcoming Xbox by Microsoft is Getting Real Everyday

Approaching the holiday season 2020, Microsoft’s new Xbox platform is making the rounds among the media. Although being more than a year away, the Xbox becomes a reality in shreds and pieces every passing day. Microsoft is calling this?upcoming Xbox, Project Scarlett. It offers a slew of exciting features compared to Xbox One, and a true competitor for future games.

For example, Project Scarlett is supposed to offer 4 times the power of the Xbox One. That multiplies to being able to play AAA titles for up to 3 years. What’s Project Scarlett price? With exciting features like ray-tracing, we can hope to have a flagship tag. Offering 8K resolution is not bad but future-proof and a lighting fast SSD from Samsung, perhaps.

The Features of Scarlett

From what we have known so far, this?new version of Xbox?is going to be a part of the Xbox All Access program, which means that gamers will be able to lease one for as low as $20 per month. This allows you to upgrade to the latest down the line without breaking the bank.

The?Project Scarlett features?might also include VR or virtual reality and real-time ray racing for hyper-realistic graphics, all that can be too expensive, but not if you go for monthly plans. The chief of this project, Phil Spencer, said that he had played the first games on the Xbox in September in 2019. And, it is very much a reality to be unveiled soon.

However, the?Project Scarlett release date?is still not fixed, apart from knowing that this unveiling will be hosted in Holiday 2020. However, some speculate it is in November, based on previous releases. To that effect, justifying the price tag can be a big deal so Microsoft is working hard on the facts and the marketing. What to offer and how to offer?

The Tag that Tags Along

The price tag is going to be sore in the eye if you have to purchase and can’t upgrade it later. With all these features, the?Project Scarlett price?is estimated to be about $500 and above. As Xbox One was launched at this price, given the high-end specs, Scarlett will be hundreds of dollars higher than this, presumably. This is why the installment or All Access program initiative, we guess.

The?Project Scarlett features?have stunned everyone in the industry but it was somewhat expected considering that gaming desktops and laptops are coming with NVIDIA 2080, 2070 and so on. But, to be able to make 18 installments or even more to pay the Project Scarlett price tag can also be a setback for some. Only time can reveal the impression of customers.

As?Project Scarlett release date?is nearing, we shall keep an eye on the latest information. It is supposed to come with custom AMD Zen 2, GDDR6 RAM, custom SSD and offer about 120 FPS gaming. That is 8 cores and 16 threads, and 4K ready with ray tracing out of the box.