Black Mirror’s Playtest can Become a Reality with Teslasuit

The ?Teslasuit? was something CES 2019 had to offer among all other innovations in tech. And, geeks have been awed by its intimidating possibilities, which is still far away from ideal behavior though. If you have seen Black Mirror, you know the kind of hypothetical twist and look it takes on the future of modern technology, and Teslasuit seems to fit somewhere in that future. Playtest is the episode that we are talking about here. The AR or Augmented Reality is the next level of Virtual Reality or VR, and Teslasuit is doing something eerily similar.

Playtest & its Shadow

In the original science fiction show, the protagonist work son a new kind of video game based on the survival horror genre and thinks of trying out the AR tech he has in hand. This eventually transponders into a horrifying set of events that were more real than anything could be. There was a dark connection between the virtual and real worlds. It goes without saying that VR creates a virtual world, but AR is immersive and joins both of them giving the illusion of partial worlds.

The Teslasuit is the future of human performance in the virtual reality world and often conjoined with real repercussions. The tech it uses relies upon electro-tactile feedback and can mimic sensations of bumping into a wall, touching an object, or getting punched. To understand more, let us look at the underlying technology.

The Monster Beneath

It seems almost like those magical forces that beat you up in the movies and you can’t see for real. The same sensation is made real by combining AR with VR. There is motion capture, climate control, and biometrics which further improve the sensation making it very real and paves the way for infinite possibilities in the future.

There are Haptic points all over the suit to give you the sensations we spoke about above. With motion capture technology, you can record how a person moves and respond to the environment. The climate control can adjust the temperature inside the suit while the biometric data can give the readings on heart rate, stress levels, and overall mental health. You could if familiar with, imagine many video games that have features such as suits for military personnel often creating engaging stories. The IronMan suit also comes to memory for achieving such feats.


  • It comes with 68 Haptic points all over the body since the suit covers from neck to toe.
  • There are embedded Haptic animations you can try with real-time simulations too.
  • It has weight simulation and user-calibrated profiles for immersion.
  • Further, the user can create custom animation with a Haptic editor and store them in a haptic library.


The only thing it does not do is take bullets and offer no damage in harsh conditions like in the video games.

Final Verdict

It is a game-changer for sure. It mimics so much the Mushroom from Playtest and can be imagined to only become more advanced in the future.