Nvidia has Launched a New Graphic Card for PC Games


All the big companies in tech rely on heavy-lifting computing. And, others also use them in an industry far beyond engineering, such as movie making and animation. The top of the line computing systems is manufactured and marketed by a few giants. Whether it is the CPU or the GPU, the desktops and laptops are getting more and more powerful. Companies like AMD and Nvidia are the only ones that design and manufacture the components that go into these beasts.

Games & Gaming Industry

The PC games and consoles have been there for a long time, almost 2 decades. Starting with handhelds, these are now more demanding when new AAA titles arrive. The hardware that needs to run them also needs power. That is where desktops and laptops running high-end graphics cards come into the picture. Though, for average PC gamers, the graphics cards are usually in mid-range or low-end. There are also high-end cards used only by corporates and businesses like the animation industry, CAD and design industry, and so on.

Everything we do today relies on crunching the big numbers, and for the gaming industry, this is the bread and butter. It is a circle of life. When more demanding games come to market, the hardware industry is challenged to put out more capable CPU and GPU. When more capable Nvidia GeForce and Titan cards arrive, gamers want to push their limits and design more demanding games.

Super Cards of PC Gamers

There is GTX 1650, GTX 2060, GTX 2060 Ti, MaxQ, and more for laptops and desktops. Then, there are cards called Nvidia GTX 2080 Super. There is also AMD that is pushing the boundaries in terms of computing beyond Nvidia at much more affordable costs. The RX 5700 Radeon is comparable to RTX 2080 Ti but much less expensive.

With the release of the new Nvidia GeForce GTX, the choices have expanded and Nvidia users also have something to compete with the AMD users with. When such a new product arrives, OEMs like MSI and Asus begin building their new series of laptops and desktops, totally targeted towards gamers, especially those on Windows PC.

The Mac is far behind in any category and works with AMD cards only in their super-expensive models. The gaming industry is more pushed by PCs than any other platform, while the console market is also minimal compared to laptop gamers. These new cards that can bring much-needed power to play AAA titles of 2020 will last for about a year or two only


The Best Now

So, the crown for the best card in the market for gamers, not considering the budget, is Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 Ti. The RTX series cards are faster and more powerful than the GTX series. With up to 11GB DDR6 RAM as standard memory; this can do more than anything you will ever need. It can operate at 13,500 Gigaflops and has a bandwidth capacity of 616GB/s. Imagine a transfer power of 616GB while we transfer via USB 3.0 at around 120MB/s or even slower.