Crowfall Review: Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game

Crowfall is an upcoming, free-to-play, action-adventures first-person shooter from a newly-formed studio in Stockholm, Sweden called “Elements”. Set in the Aztec’s peaceful world, Vikings, and other ancient races, gamers will command their little group of fighters as they embark on an epic journey across the North. Along the way, they’ll battle mythical creatures, ancient artifacts, and worse-case scenarios not of their making. This Crowfall Review will briefly discuss one of the game’s more interesting focal points: The Crowfall gameplay.

Crowfall marks the first beta version of a highly-awaited Crowfall campaign, which has been in the works since 2020. Much of the initial criticism revolves around the use of “apartments,” or games within a single game. The idea is that players who want to take on the task of going after the various goals will have a place to go where they can manage their time and resources without dealing with the complexities of managing individual objectives within the larger game.

A large portion of Crowfall’s beta focus lies in implementing these “apartments” within the game proper. While the alpha and beta versions of Crowfall focused upon the core storyline. This Crowfall review will look deeper into the mechanics of how these departments work.

The first step in this Crowfall review covers the “main campaign,” which most people familiar with snowfall will be playing instead of enjoying the individual missions. Although there is no longer any need to worry about bugs or technical issues thanks to the close beta release. This does not mean that the campaign is not worth your time. It provides a solid introduction to the game’s many different aspects. Many fans were pleasantly surprised by the story and how it evolves and builds upon itself, building upon the themes present within the closed beta.

The Major Complaints About MMO

Crowfall Has Something Different Planned

Second, there is the co-op aspect of snowfall, which allows up to four players to join in on the action. It is unclear if there will be support for more than four players, but it is exciting to speculate. One of the major complaints about MMO is that they often do not have large player groups, but snowfall seems to buck that trend with its ambitious plan. If the beta has shown anything. Large groups of players can make a world come alive and offer an experience unlike anything else. The third primary focus of snowfall is the PvE aspect, which is currently offering three separate but interconnected quests.

This is a massive departure from the standard quest path, which has been more or less fixed for decades now. The unique system was design to help create memorable moments throughout the game and keep players interested in the storyline. Multiple Eternal Kingdom factions are battling for control of the Iron Throne. And players are just as likely to involved in them as the seven realms locals.

Because this is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, it would only make sense for Crowfall to include guilds’ option to join. Unlike the single-player games like Warhammer Online. Where you can choose to play either as a Horde or an Alliance member. But don’t worry; there is an easy way to play as a guild leader, and you can even choose to play a rogue if you want. You can find more information on the Crowfall official site.

Crowfall Has Something Different Planned

Crowfall Has Something Different Planned

So we know that Crowfall has something different planned for its upcoming open beta, but what is it? Like most massively multiplayer online role-playing games, the campaign will be driven by the story being told by the developers. But the final product will be influenced by your character, as it will determine which class you take.

Your own personality can dictate the story, or you can simply choose a class from several available. I love about this system, and this is what most of my friends seem to like about it. Which is character customization. With the current crop of MMO limited to a few classes, character customization allows you to create your favorite class and play a unique role during the game.

I can’t go into details yet, but snowfall will most likely launch with two parts: a closed beta (or 1.0) and open beta. The closed beta will be available for everyone who buys snowfall (with access to the open beta later) and will focus on the single-player campaign. As mentioned above, the open beta will primarily be focused on the PvP side of the game.

It will add new features, balance changes, and other changes to help create an exciting gameplay experience for all the players of Crowfall. It is also possible that further updates will be coming before the end of the open beta period. Which will be very important to the game’s progress. All of these things will be rolled out gradually so that everyone who wants to get in on the action will be able to do so.