Iron Man Gloves that can Fly & Control a Drone

The drones are taking the market and grasping with full force. Today’s tech allows one to hold a heavy flight-controller with a full set of buttons and joystick for controlling a drone. But, with this new innovative product from Aura Telekinetic, you can easily do all that stuff with a single hand. That is, with their Aura Gloves. They call it the ?Gesture Robotics Controller?, and it does a lot of cool stuff. Be sure to check out their YouTube demos on the product before reading more on it.

GestureBoticsTM Controller

This is the name for their gesture-based controlling mechanism developed for a drone. The drone also comes with it, meaning that you cannot use this glove for other drones. In fact, no flight controllers can. Each drone manufacturer develops and provides its own controller. With this device, you can control the drone with only one hand.

You can change its direction, increase or decrease its altitude, and also make it maneuver inside very small and narrow openings. The glove controller can make it fly forward, reverse, sideways flips and all this with a simple wave of the hand. It is so natural that you feel like the Iron man whose glove has lots of amazing things it can do. This can be used as a kids’ toy but also for entertainment purposes of any kind. The science behind this controller is what makes it stand out.

The Technology Inside the Glove

GestureBoticsTM is their trademarked technology. This is the heart of everything. You can perform cool stunts like auto takeoff, auto hover, and auto landing; the drone is also not susceptible to crashes or damage. You can learn about drone obstacle courses and play with your friends and have a lot of fun. It is all in training with the glove and getting the hang of it.

It comes with 6-axis gyro, an anti-fly technology which will stop it from going out of your control region, heigh lock such that it does not go arbitrarily high, a safety cage for kids such that the propellers and blades remain away. This is specially designed for indoor flights and thus suitable for small rooms.


  • The drone offers smooth glide with sensors.
  • With optimal speed, it has a 20-foot fly range.
  • It goes a max height of 8.5 feet.
  • It can flip sideways with the flip of your wrist when wearing the glove.
  • It can fly forward and backward without U-turns, so headlock mode is available.


  • It is restricted for indoor but can be used outside also.
  • It is for entertainment and kids.

Getting One

The science behind controlling a drone with gestures was developed by Dr. Pramod in LocoRobo labs. This is an advanced method of mobile robotics only available for research with military and universities. With their trademarked GestureBoticsTM, flying a drone is as simple and intuitive as possible. More so, it attracts young minds into the field of science, and robotics in particular.