Cyberpunk 2077 Cast Reveals More About the New Movie

Before we move further, you should know that the cyberpunk 2077 cast has been influencing many video games nowadays especially with its amazing cyberpunk style and storyline. You can read more reviews on cyberpunk 2077 on this website. The cyberpunk 2077 cast has been formed from famous actors. Like Taylor Kitsch, Will Smith, Gordon Clipper, Edward Remeley, Robert Duvall, and more. With their strong acting skills, they have been playing different roles in cyberpunk 2077. The main character in cyberpunk 2077 is the famous hacker as Vito arrives in 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Characters:
cyberpunk characters

One of the cyberpunk 2077’s characters is well. Who is a former hacker who uses his hacking skills to make money? Welles joined the mafia to get his hands on technology in the night city. But when he will get his hands on cyberpunk technology. He lost everything because of some malfunctions. You can see his emotions getting upset as well as his violent behavior.

According to the cyberpunk 2077 cast. The character of Alex, known as Ben, is the one who will be playing the role of the good guy. Who fights against evil. He is the star of the story and wears a t-shirt that says. I’m the boss, motherfucker!” The good side of Alex is his strong determination. And his strong will to fight crime. His ability to communicate with people through video conferencing is his strong suit. And he has a mysterious past as well.

Cyberpunk Human Race:
Cyber Human Race

Known as Silverhand. Cyberpunk 2077 casts say that he is a cybernetically enhanced human. Who was left alone by the human race on  Earth? Silverhand carries cybernetic implants. That was given to him by the evil cyberman that controlling the human population. The cyberpunk 2077 cast explains that cybermen are not real. And they do not have emotions. Silverhand is the boss of cyberpunk criminals.

On the other hand. We have another interesting character named Alex. Also known as Bright eyes, Barnet, and Decker. Who is a member of the cybernetically enhanced human race called the vault dwellers? Alex was believed to be the last of his kind. But thanks to some experimental treatment, he survived. The cyberpunk 2077 cast explains. That Alex was brainwashed by the evil cyberman now as Silverhand. The cyberpunk 2077 cast explains that Silverhand has a very strange history, starting his life as a cybernetically enhanced human, with a family and several cybermen under his control.

Control & Design:
Control & Design

Barnet decided to free Alex from Silverhand’s control by using a gun designed for mind control. The cyberpunk 2077 cast reveals that many scientists and other researchers are looking into the possible cure for cybernetics. The cyberpunk 2077 cast says that Silverhand has a group of followers that assist him in his secret mission. It was thanks to the efforts of this group. That Alex managed to escape from cybernetic control. The cyberpunk 2077 cast further explains. That Silverhand is the leader of the cybernetically enhanced criminals called the “Cybershot”.

Cyberpunk More Information:
Cyberpunk More Information

Finally, we have some more information about the cyberpunk voice cast. According to the cyberpunk news. Noah Schnapp has taken the role of the good detective Alex Dorn. Noah was previously known as the voice of the robot in the George Orwell cyberpunk novel. It’s “A Thinking Man’s Dream. However, in this role. He will be sharing the screen with the much-loved voice of Harlan Quinn. The main protagonist in the novel A Time Among the Machines.

Furthermore, Dex Deshawn will play the role of the shady cybernetically enhanced private investigator named Jake O’Brien. He had previously worked as an on-air talent for the Howard Stern Show. It was thanks to his efforts that hackers got their comeuppance. We hope that the cyberpunk cast gives us something to look forward to in the eagerly anticipated sequel of James Gibson’s cyberpunk classic.