Darksiders 4 – Trying To Save The World?

Darksiders 4 has been one of the most hyped and anticipated MMORPG ever. Now that it has finally arrived, let us find out what makes this new entry in the console war so unique and exciting. Read on to find out why Darksiders has everything that an avid gamer could want in a game.

darksiders 4

It’s obvious that a huge part of any modern RPG would be exploration, and that’s what we see in Darksiders 4. There are plenty of RPGs that have done good with this type of feature, but very few have done it well. In fact, some of the games that have great action sequences also have terrible story lines. Darksiders has all of the best elements for an excellent RPG. The combat is fluid and smooth, the fighting is memorable and intense, and the story is gripping and full of intrigue. It’s just like playing an RPG, only better.

Which Company Develop Darksiders 4:

The reason that Darksiders 4 has the most interesting storyline is because it was developed by a large gaming company, Obsidian. The publisher had previously developed and released Darksiders and New Vegas, two previous RPG titles. Now, they decided to combine the success of their previous games with a third game in the Darksiders franchise. Their first effort was met with critical acclaim, so now they wanted to try and do it again.

The second instalment in Darksiders 4 is called Horseman’s Peak. After investigating a series of murders that took place at a famous carnival, you find yourself in the center of a criminal case. Your main objective is to solve the case and learn about the history behind it. Since this game is based on the first game in the Darksiders franchise. You can expect that it will have similar characters and scenes.

New Locations and Charaters:

The new location that you see in the game makes you feel as though you have ventured into another dimension. The graphics are well done, and besides the protagonist, everyone else in the game looks and acts like a character from the Darksiders universe. Since this game is part of the Horseman’s Peak franchise. You should know that this game will have all the familiar locations from previous games. However, some things are different when it comes to gameplay and pace. It feels as though they weren’t really supposed to be in the first place. For instance, one of the games involves you looking for a man with a gun who has been injured and taken to a hospital. Where you help him find a way out.

Throughout the games, you’ll run into some other characters who look and act like the ones from previous games in the Darksiders franchise, such as the evil doctor, Von Dante. In one scene, you get the sense that some of the members of your team are not what they seem. And some of them are actually the Horseman himself. These elements do not make the game very fun to play. They just take away from the immersion. Which takes away from the special gun and armour that you have to start within the game.

What people can expect?

The storyline in Darksiders 4 is not what people would expect. Although it follows the basic story of how you fight against the evil sorceress, there is also a bit more going on under the surface. One of the main characters in the games is Paladin. He has his own reasons for fighting the evil witch. The game’s story ties into the events of previous games as well, but does not drag things out like it use to. Instead. It spends its time delving deeper into the mythology of the Horseman’s Peak.

All in all, Darksiders 4 is much better than the previous games. However, you still have to really appreciate the quality of the animation.  The detailed worlds and the fantastic fighting mechanics if you want to fully enjoy the game. The fighting is top notch in this installment, so if you have played any of the previous editions, you will definitely appreciate the upgrade. The story is a bit slow, but it is well paced and captivating. However, you might want to play this on the hard drive, because the texture loading on the PC and Xbox 360 versions of this game can be a little bit hit and miss.