Why a Large Business Needs the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

The new HP Pavilion gaming Laptop offers top-notch technology at a very competitive price. This machine is loaded with plenty of innovative features that will astound you as you play your favorite games. It also comes with plenty of advanced optimizers and software that help in making your computing experience a breeze. If you have no idea about how you should evaluate the specifications, then read on for some guidelines. We will examine some of the key factors that you should look out for when comparing gaming notebooks.

hp pavilion gaming laptop

Graphics cards. The integrated Intel i5-10300H processor is capable of rendering excellent graphics. Compared to the older dual-core i7-8500H, the latest model of the hp pavilion gaming laptop has an extra 2 cores for even better performance. The powerful dual video card also helps in delivering sharp, clear, and colorful images.

Hard drive. The hard drive size of this gaming laptop is just right for those who are fond of online gaming. It can easily handle various tasks simultaneously without slowing down. You can store thousands of videos and movies stored in this unit without encountering any problems. In addition, the high-end processor and the solid-state drives are sufficient for all demanding computer applications.

Touch screen. The integrated touch screen of the hp pavilion gaming laptop makes it easier to navigate through the menus. Even if you are fond of playing strategy games, you can comfortably use this laptop without having to undergo unnecessary discomfort because the buttons, the trackball, and the keyboards are responsive.


HD display. The 15.6-inch widescreen LCD panel of the hp pavilion gaming laptop with the TX Gaming Edition gives you the best viewing experience even in high settings. Enjoy viewing videos, movies, or play your favorite games without having to stretch your neck.

Processor. This feature may not be something that many people are talking about but the truth is, this is one of the most essential features of this laptop. There are times when you need to take quick actions and this is where a powerful and fast processor helps you out. The i5-equipped laptop can do all basic tasks in no time at all and can even save up to 90% of the electricity consumption when in gaming mode. However, if you want to speed up your device, you can always upgrade to a processor that has two or three cores. The two highest scores that you can get from this laptop are the AMD A10 Polaris 10 and the Samsung Electronics’ Exynoleum i5-based Quad-core processor.

Battery. The battery life of this gaming laptop with the TX Acer graphics card is just about average for its category. It lasts for about eight hours when in light load condition and gets easily responsive enough to go on with another round of games. You can also extend its battery life using the USB port as well as the AC adapter.

Touchpad. In spite of its powerful processor and powerful graphics card, the touchpad found on this model of the HP pavilion does not offer good battery life. However, you can still make it last long enough for you to complete all of your gaming and work tasks.

Highly Recommended:

Right Side Stick. While most gaming laptops today, including the HP pavilion, use the USB ports for data transfers and multimedia activities, this laptop uses the USB port for data input and power charging. The right side stick allows you to use this laptop as a portable media player as well.  So if you are planning to use the touchpad as a right side stick, you better replace it with a sturdy USB 3.0 thumb drive that will give you a much better response time.

Battery Life. While the battery life of these laptops is excellent, you should not expect them to last for more than an hour or so. In fact, this is one drawback of this gaming laptop over many others. For gaming purposes, you need a lot of power; hence, you should purchase a laptop with high-end specifications and fast speed. If you do not need the high-end graphics and video cards, then it is recommended to buy the standard laptop battery.

On the other hand, if you want your laptop to function as a standard laptop, you should purchase the laptop with a 15.6-inch screen, a standard matte finish keyboard, optical mouse, multi-touch trackpad, and a battery. Note that if you plan to use your laptop in the office, where typing and web browsing are common, you should choose the Toshiba satellite series because these laptops have outstanding battery life. These laptops also perform well when it comes to graphics and video. The Toshiba Satellite series has an integrated graphics processor with dedicated memory and two gigs of RAM; while, on the other hand, the other models have standard processors with two gigabytes of RAM and either a quad-core AMD processor or an Intel Core i5.