Easy way to keep eye on your child with UWatch

Parents are always worried about where their kids are and what they do when they are not with them and are at their office or workplaces. Ufone in Pakistan has found a remedy to his problem that most parents face. The new wearable device that they have created is called the UWatch. It offers the parents complete peace of mind as they can keep track of their children and his or her every move.

What is this UWatch?

The UWatch looks just like any normal digital watch that is tied on the wrists. But, it has many other functions that the normal timekeeping wristwatches do not offer. It is designed in such a way that the parents can use real-time tracking technology to keep an eye on their children through their smartphones. All that a parent needs to do is to download the UWatch app on his or her phone to track the child and also talk to the child. The best thing about this wearable device is that the parent does not have to give their child a smartphones to keep track of them.

The Wide Array of Features

  1. Real-Time Tracking

The real location of the child wearing the UWatch is flashed on the UWatch app that is installed on the parent?s phone. The location button needs to be pressed to get the address and the coordinates and their exact location can be viewed in 2D map mode or satellite mode.

  1. Fix Safe and Danger Zones

The parents can use the app to define a place that is safe for the kids and the dangerous ones. Once the kids are out of the marked ranges, the app will instantly alert the parents that the kids have moved away from the safe zone.

  1. To and Fro Calling

The parents can use the app to dial their kids and talk to them. The UWatch that the child uses has an inbuilt mic and speaker and hence they can attend their parent?s call. The kids can start a conversation with their parents by pressing the SOS call button. The parent has the option to add up to three numbers for the SOS calling so that the UWatch will automatically call? the 2nd number if the first number is busy or not available and go for the 3rd, if the first two are busy or not in range.

  1. Replay Tracking History

The routes that the child has taken will remain for 90 days on the app. The parent can retrieve the track that the child took on a particular period or day. It will be played back on the app in the turn by turn feature. The app can store the tracking history map of the child for 90 days.

Other Interesting Features

  • Water-resistant.
  • Turn off and turn on the device remotely.
  • Sage zones.
  • The battery lasts for up to 2 days in a single charge.

The Ufone UWatch will be a great relief for the parents who are worried about their kid?s whereabouts when they are not with them. It is a safe and easy way to keep track of the little ones and also ensure that they are always safe.