Everlast reusable digital notebook

The smart notebook is a great invention as it is a perfect mate for everyone who likes the old style of using pen and paper to take notes and not like the click and clack sound that the laptop keys making while typing. This is a smart reusable notebook that just needs a cloth to wipe out what is written and hence this is an endless notebook. This is an invention by Rocketbook and the notebooks can be connected to an app on the smartphone so that the notes written on it can be saved for future reference.

How does it Work?

This endless and reusable digital notebook comes with a pen and paper that are reusable. The FriXion pen can be used to write on the digital notebook. Once the page is fully used, it can be wiped out using a wet cloth and a fresh page will show up, making it a reusable notebook. If the contents that are written on the page needs to be used later, then it can be sent as a pdf or jpeg file to destinations like iCloud, Google Docs, as an email message, Dropbox, etc. After this, the notes can be wiped off and the writing process can commence on the same digital page of the notebook. The digital notebook comes with 36 pages and the users might not need all these 36 pages as each page content can be wiped off and can be reused innumerable times.

Frixion Pen and Ink

One thing that users should note is that the pen needs to be filled with Frixion ink so that the notes jotted down can be erased. These pens and the suitable ink can be bought from many reputed online eCommerce sites and they also come in rainbow colors.

The Digital Notebook

The Everlast digital notebook from Rocketbook is very light and hence is easily portable. It comes with 36 reusable pages and is very light to carry when compared to a laptop. The pages are sufficient enough to last for a big class lecture or use during long meetings. It is very useful for students who like to make sketches when taking notes.

Digital Locations

The pages can be checked off and sent to various digital locations very quickly through email. There are seven symbols provided at the bottom of the page. Drawing a mark across any of the seven symbols will send a note to the desired digital location in a matter of a couple of seconds. The different locations can be chosen by making use of the seven symbols.


  • The user has the option?to write in any style and manner.
  • The notebook is reusable and is also very light.
  • Uploading the written files is very easy through a quick scan.


  • The notebook is not that solid and needs to be placed on a hard surface to write legibly.
  • Only Frixion pens and inks should be used.

Closing Thoughts

At just $30, this Everlast reusable digital notebook is a handy tool for all those who like to write and take notes during meetings or when attending classes. It is supported by a good app and with the help of the Frixion pen; the notes can be scanned and sent to other devices quickly and easily for future reference.