Egg Drone: An Egg can Fly

Looking for an innovation that can make heads turn and make everyone go awe? Well, the Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company called PowerVision has stunned the world by coming out with a unique drone design that has the shape of an egg. Yes, this is true. This friendly and approachable UAV is called ?Power Egg?. In the colored position, the UAV looks just like a white giant egg that is more or less the size of a rugby ball.

Unique and Attractive Design

The Power Egg is a different and unique looking quadcopter from the many variations that are seen around the world. Once it is put into action by pressing the button, the Power Egg will turn into a flying egg by dropping its legs and pull all the four propeller arms. There is a motor pod seen fitted to the end of each of the four arms. It comes with the custom-sized 10.5-inch propellers. This will help in giving it the thrust to lift up and fly. The drone will give out a roaring sound when it is close to the surface and is very quiet when flying at an altitude.

Once the Power Egg drone is all set to land, it will project out four landing legs so that the camera and the gimbal do not get damaged while landing. The unit comes with a very powerful and sturdy gimbal to which a 4K ultra-high-definition camera is fitted. This has the capacity to click 360-degree panorama shots. It is fitted to the bottom tip of the egg drone. There is also a Class 10 micro-SD card fitted in the camera with a storage capacity of 10GB. The upper tip of the drone is where the 6400 mAh battery.

Flight of the Power Egg

This egg drone can fly both outdoors and indoors. There is a GPS fitted on the UAV and this will help it to stay stable when flying outdoors. There are visual and ultrasonic sensors provided at the base of the device to carry out ?Vision Positioning?. This is what is used during the indoor flight that normally takes place at an altitude of 0.66 to 13 feet. When it flies indoors, it will switch to the ?Sonar? and ?Ground? pattern recognition mode from the GPS set-up.


Powervision has designed the egg drone in such a way that it can be easily controlled even by a novice flyer. The special feature of this UAV is that it can be controlled using the regular two-axis controller or even with a remote controller that works just like the Nintendo Wii gesture controller. This remote is designed to give the new users a simpler way to fly the fly the drone and that too with great control. Just waving the remote up will make the Power Egg climb and moving it left or right to get a pan vision is possible by sweeping it. The activation button needs to be pressed to carry out these gesture drone controls. This drone comes with three modes: easy, normal, and professional to suit various users.


  • Clear videos and photos with up to 4K UHD resolution.
  • Easy fly mode.
  • Gesture control through remote.
  • Stable when flying even during moderate winds.
  • Auto landing gear.


  • 1 Hz flicker in the video.