First Voice Operated Smart Wheel Chair in Asia

A wheelchair is one of the most useful modes of transportation that people with disabilities use to move from one room to the other. The technology has improved so much that there are wheelchairs available now that run on battery and can be easily operated by using a joystick type controlled switch to move forwards, sideways, and backward by the disabled person sitting on the chair. The next big thing to happen in the wheelchair world is the voice-controlled and operated wheelchair. This is a big blessing for everyone using the wheelchair to meet their mobility needs without needing to depend on outside support to move from one place to another. The users just need to use their voice to command the wheelchair they are sitting on.

Who has Created the Voice-Operated Wheelchair?

Faaiz Arbab, a Pakistani, who is currently pursuing an MS degree in Electrical Engineering, is the first man in Asia to create a voice-operated wheelchair. This is a great invention as it will help a lot of the disabled people to use their voice to command the wheelchair that they are sitting on. It was named GOBEE and it was first shown to the world in 2018. Now, Faaiz has come out with an upgraded version of the previous edition that has great features, looks, and also offers better performance than its predecessor.

Advancements Made to the Motorized Wheelchair

This new voice-operated wheelchair is the first of its kind in Asia that needs the voice commands to control it. This is a hands-free wheelchair that has been configured and designed in such a manner that it will work on the commands of its owner. The system fitted in the chair will recognize the commands and will act according to the instruction given by the user. There has been a lot of research and development put in to come out with advanced technology to operate the wheelchair through voice commands and also offer a lot of comfort features in the new advanced version of the wheelchair.

Attractive Features

The latest version of GOBEE is fitted with an anti-sweat sofa that allows the user to sit on it for long without getting rashes on the skin. It is also rust-proof and waterproof and this means that it can be used during rainy days. The new version of the wheelchair is fitted with a powerful battery that can offer a driving power of up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. This is possible with the use of twin 18Ah batteries. Just say commands like move to the left or move to the right or move backward and the wheelchair will carry out the commands accordingly. Just say stop to make the wheelchair come to stop its movement. The newer version comes with bright LED lights so that it can be used at night. Its other features include Bluetooth, remote control range of up to 100 feet, Wi-Fi connectivity, call button, and emergency stop option.

The GOBEE voice-controlled wheelchair is a product that allows the disabled and physically challenged user to be completely independent.