Laser Shooting Gun Alarm Gadget

Getting up early in the morning is not in the good books of many. But, because of the work demand, fitness goals, household chores, etc., people are bound to get up early in the morning. Well, one of the most common tools used to help people wake up in the morning is the alarm clock. There is an interesting alarm clock that is available in the market that can help people wake up and also help them to kick start their day with a bang. Yes, the laser-shooting gun alarm is the answer to all problems that people have with the morning alarm buzzing.

  1. What is this Magical Alarm Clock?

The laser shooting gun alarm clock is a very cool product that people will like as it helps in making their mornings easier and lively. This is a gun clock that can be used by the entire family, right from the adults to the kids who love shooting. Once the alarm is set, the person who is looking to shut down the alarm when it rings early morning has to use the laser gun and shoot at the bull’s eye target on the clock to turn off the alarm. The ringing will only stop if the laser shot hits the bull’s eye.

  1. What does this Alarm Gadget Contain?

The laser shooting gun alarm clock comes with a base alarm unit and a laser toy gun. The gunshot sound is heard when the trigger is pressed and the lever at the top will move backward and then forwards like how it does in a real pistol. The base unit is the alarm clock that has the alarm buzzer speaker and the 4 AA batteries console unit at its bottom. The top of it will have a shooting range and one of the sides will be having a digital clock with time readings. The alarm setting option is provided on the top portion along with the option to choose the alarm ringing mode.

  1. How does it Work?

Set the alarm at the desired wake-up time and go off to sleep. Once the alarm starts to ring at the set time, the target board will release from its resting position and will now be in a standing position in such a way that the user gets to see his or her bull’s eye target. It will be seen in red color. The laser gun can shoot at its target that is kept at 18 feet away. The user needs to pick the gun and fire exactly at the bull’s eye once in the easy mode or 5 times in the hard mode. If the shot hits the target accurately, then the alarm will stop ringing and the target board will go back to its normal position. It will not turn off until the bull’s eye is hit.

The alarm will keep on ringing for 3 minutes and then go to snooze mode. It will ring again after 5 minutes every time until it is not stopped. This laser gun alarm clock is a fun way to wake up energized every morning and it also helps in enjoying shooting practice.