Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Fan Creates GTA 6 Vice City Map with All Classic Cities

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Fan Creates GTA 6 Vice City Map with All Classic Cities

Rockstar is the parent company behind GTA 6 Vice City, the next installment in the video game series. While all avid fans are patiently going back to their bed without any news, someone took matters into their own hands. A fan has reportedly created an incredible GTA 6 Vice City map on its own. It is made of all the classic cities GTA has boasted over the years. If you are a fan of GTA you know that the most important part of what it will bring to their players on the map.

Speculation and Rumors Around the Map

The company Rockstar had been mum about the inclusion of new places or characters, gameplay and so on. According to some rumors though, Grand Theft Auto VI will make a return to some of its classic cities like Liberty City, San Fierro, Vice City and more. This was taken quite seriously by one fan. Nostalgia makes a great impact on things you love and one can go to incredible lengths to see it happen.

  • The next entry to the franchise, GTA 6 Vice City Game, has to have a new map.
  • The fan-created version of the entire USA, complete with Liberty City (NYC), and San Fierro (SF) in the
  • However, this is totally unrealistic for the game itself, which is still under development, and leaks are rare.

All the classic locations in a single game would be impossible. But, with GTA online, there is a chance to include this on servers and allowing players to choose a portion of it when playing. As with other news, it is just speculation.

A Lot of Effort for the Fan

Some rumors point out that Rockstar is planning to include Florida as Fort Lauderdale, and the capital of Columbia, Bogota. The fan had taken a lot of pain in assembling all the cities. Given all the time Rockstar has taken, because GTA V was last released in 2013, 7 years ago. Now, GTA 6 Vice City is still in development.

The map looks like the map of the USA because the fan has taken great care to put them in their original locations. The real-life counterparts are also the same, and hence this resemblance is striking. And, at the same time, it is nostalgic for so many fans who would love to drive once again in those places. The fan has put a lot of work here, but unfortunately, this would never be turned into reality.

Now that the Red Dead Redemption 2 is over, the project of reviving GTA 6 Vice City can be given a full swing. This should coincide with Sony releasing its new PS5 this year. However, with what Rockstar has shared, the release of the game isn?t happening anytime this year.


So, for the fans, the current map is kind of a sign that people have been waiting for long. And, the buzz around the whole thing is lightning.