How is the Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus?

Gaming Industry Affected by Coronavirus?

The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has been a serious issue for all businesses including the gaming industry. The productions of chips for Apple and Samsung?s smartphones, fabrication of parts and components have been hit by this outbreak. The impact seems to grow as multiple gaming companies, including Nintendo, have announced delays and interruptions in a production line. The outbreak has impacted life in China, so much so that any kind of public interaction and workplaces have been banned. As much of the tech industry including the gaming industry is relying on China, a ripple effect has been initiated. It is spreading rapidly across the whole world.

The Nintendo Switch has Seen a Delay

Nintendo, a major player in the gaming industry, was supposed to release its new gaming handheld in Japan, which will now be delayed due to the halt in production. The interruption is not known to end soon as the officials are still trying to understand the quarantine process of the coronavirus.

  • There has been no mention of any kind of release date.
  • The Ring Fit Adventure has been out of stock in Japan for some time by now.
  • Joy-Cons are also affected by this halt in production.
  • The port of Outer Worlds for Nintendo has been delayed as well.

Gamers have been abandoned in many markets due to out of stock supplies. Though the outbreak of the virus is a serious issue, the government of China is trying to contain it, if not treat it at the moment. The online games have not seen that degree of negative impact due to the hardware shortage.

The gaming industry has taken a serious hit from the outbreak of the virus. The fact that there is no clue as to how long this will prevail, how to contain it, treat it, or allow for the safety of people is alarming. Virtuous, a Singapore based studio working on the online games port has closed its offices despite having no health issues so far.

The Oculus has been Back-Ordered

A lot of gamers and tech clients have back-ordered the Oculus VR headset and it seems that it is going to remain at this status for a prolonged period of time. In some regions, the Oculus Quest has been selling like hotcakes due to their strong demand, but this is also going to take a hit due to a halt in hardware production. A major part of the gaming industry is also linked to Oculus for augmented reality and virtual reality games.

  • The Quest is out of stock on the company?s website.
  • It is out of stock on Amazon and Best Buy as well.

Oculus has taken this step to ensure the safety of its employees, manufacturing partners, and customers.

The?coronavirus, according to WHO, has not been found in any strain of virus before this outbreak. This has been taken seriously by the organization. It is so much so that all borders from and to China and its nearby territories have been blocked for access by any means of public transport for the foreseeable future.