ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR to Create Exciting

Now, no more boring exercise routines! ICAROS has combined fitness with VR to introduce a VR workout machine that makes exercise more entertaining.

In 2017, over $3 billion has  invested in the market of virtual reality and this spread over 28 augmented reality and VR categories. ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR fitness is here to attract a new target group, particularly young people. The VR workout machine will enable them to experience some amazing experiences such as competing with various users across the globe in the multiplayer mode.

ICAROS GmbH has established in 2015 in Germany’s Munich. It was the first to combine VR with an ergonomic design to offer optimal fitness and health benefits. This is a device that appears just like a fancy inverted table that will give some relief to the back. This VR workout machine will allow the users to work in a position.That like Pilates through a reality, that make them feel they are diving deep into the ocean or flying. When you position yourself on the machine, you are not going to feel any pressure on the back. In other words, the VR workout machine doesn’t give back pain.

ICAROS was co-founded by Michael Schmidt and Johannes Scholl and since the inception of the company; they have been successful in raising $750,000. However, according to the co-founders they are already making a profit and have delivered the VR workout machine. To over 200 entertainment centers and gyms in 40 different countries. Tcness

Working Out with VR Workout Machine

The machine promotes a core workout that works on your stability and balance. You have to place your elbows and knees on the foam pads. Then put on an ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR headset and grasp onto the handle with your hand.  The VR workout machine uses the back, abdomen, and leg muscles for tilting the device for navigating as you drive or fly. There is a hand controller that will let you fire at your target inside the game.

Once you position yourself on the VR workout machine and put on the headset on, you will be able to choose the game you want to play from several options. These games have been designed to offer different levels of entertainment and fitness.

With fitness and virtual reality combined in, ICAROS is looking forward to creating an effective workout experience. As a user, you will be using your coordination, balance, and also core muscle tension when you steer through the 3D virtual world. This is referring to as the active VR. As soon as you put on the headset, you will be able to challenge your opponents in an air race, fly over the mountains, dive with various creatures of the sea, shoot at drones, and jump out of the orbiting satellite on Earth. The company is constantly creating new games for the VR workout machine.

levels in the VR workout machine

The different levels in the VR workout machine enable you to adjust your capabilities. Every game that has programmed will strengthen your core and will work on your coordination and balance. In the multiplayer setup, it is going to be a global racing series. Teams and people from across the globe will be able to race against each other while working out together on the VR workout machine.

The ICAROS VR workout machine has designed for making the workout more engaging and improving the reflex and strength of the user. With this, you are going to navigate through different virtual environments just using only the ICAROS machine movement to decide on your path in various virtual games.

There are many ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR machines where when you lie down might give you the sensation of flying. Some of these have made people feel nauseous. However, that is not the case with the VR workout machine from ICAROS. You can navigate your path easily and make quick and fast turns. Tcness

Create Your Own Profile

With the VR workout machine, you will be able to create your own profile. Also, you will be able to check your progress through this profile and compare your scores through a global competitive racing simulation.

The G.I.S. or global ICAROS series was launched in 2018 where tournaments are available in physical reality, as well as online. Late in the year, a world championship was held in Germany.

Most of the people find fitness to be boring. Games, on the other hand, can be quite addictive. Hence, the VR workout machine brings out the best of two, as you level up in the game; you are also leveling up your fitness. The ICAROS VR workout machine is aimed to change the fitness scenario by introducing addictive fitness experiences that leverage the power of technologies such as virtual reality.

Virtual reality, when combined with the system of resistance training and appropriate gaming experience, will make people stick to their fitness goals. Thus, the VR workout machine is going to usher a fitness revolution that has not been seen before. The dumbbell has been there for several centuries and you are just lifting them up and putting them down. It might make you bored. Thus, experts are using innovative technologies like VR workout machine to provide a unique experience in order to help out people with what they desire.


The device will provide you with options that include the setups like gyms, hospitals, homes, and therapy centers. However, all of them are comfortable and also easy to use. Once you put on the headset of the VR workout machine, you are definitely going to feel immersed.

However, there might be some people who will not be able to use the VR workout machine. It is going to be a challenge for people with extreme obesity. Moreover, you will have to choose the right game for your strength. This VR game for fitness is not suitable for children and is unsafe for them.

All that being said, if you are able to step on this device and balance out your body weight, get ready for a great core workout.