Masterbuilt Gravity Series 2021

Masterbuilt Gravity lets you know the experience of grilling, smoking, baking, searing grates, BBQ, roasting, and so much more!

Adam, who is the director of product development at Master built Gravity series. What they look to develop this series is they wanted people to experience the flavor of charcoal and wood smoke. Adam gives an insider look into a product in a serious way in the outdoor market. So far, they are pretty much succeeded in that by developing the Masterbuilt Gravity series.

Total control of cooking depends on the digital controller and variable speed fan. It gives you the capability to use the controller and use the wifi and Bluetooth to monitor the temperature and control it from your smartphone.



So, if you like to do the gettogether of your friends and family, just dont feel hesitant about your cooking issues. Masterbuilt Gravity provides you the best product to save your time and cook healthy food with a lot of taste.

Significant Functions of Masterbuilt GravityDigital Control panel


Power on button

Masterbuilt Gravity introduces a round shape digital control panel that includes multi-functional buttons. The Masterbuilt Gravity digital control panel is easy to use. There is a power button in the mid worked as a power button to power on the machine. Just press the power button to get it on.

Easily set the temperature

There is a button near the left side of the power button, press it to set the temperature. There is a dial-in near to the right side of the power button. Just press the tempt button, and you can set the temperature by moving the dial on to the left and right side.

Connect to your phone

What?s the primary function of this modern connectivity? The very far approach of the developer, you can say!

Masterbuilt Gravity app

Down the bottom of the power button, this controller has a wifi symbol or a Bluetooth symbol connected to your phone through the app termed as a Masterbuilt App. Through connectivity by your smartphone, you can set the temperature instead of using the Digital Control panel.

Safety feature

Moreover, there is a safety feature that is when you open the lid of this it automatically disconnects from your phone and you will still be able to control the temperature and the stuff. But if you want to connect it again, close the lid, and press the button again. It will reconnect your phone with it back automatically.

Masterbuild Safety feature

Clock for reminder

On the right near to the power button, there is a clock symbol there. It works as a unique feature as it lets you set the timer as you need to. By pressing this button, you can set the time when you start it. And it will let you know how much the time is still left to complete your task.

Sear well

Indeed, the Masterbuilt gravity smoker series holds the ability to sear the food equally, evenly, and with an attractive pattern. Indeed, that gives a beautiful look to your meal.

Masterbuild Gravity Sear well


Lids functions

There are two lids to use in the Master built Gravity smoke series. On the top lid and the other is the bottom lid. Then, the top lid’s function is to get open and fill up the hopper with charcoal or wood. The bottom lid helps to remove the ashes of the remains of charcoal.

Digital fan

A digital fan gets started by a single press of a button, and it starts to move airflow. The air moves from hopper to smoke cooking chamber and maintains the required cooking temperature. Fan engages the charcoal to burn and produce smoke and heat consistently.

Easy to move

Masterbuilt Gravity series is easy to move due to its high-quality wheels. It contains very comfortable wheels that help to move around the whole machine without putting much strength.



It contains a vertical hopper. And the way it works is easy. Just open the lid by hopper lid latch. It is the place where you will put the charcoal. The hopper of the Masterbuilt Gravity series can easily hold both sorts of lump and briquettes charcoal, more than twelve hours. Even you don’t need to remove charcoal each time in some conditions.

How to get started with Master built Gravity?

Before turning on the power button, first, check that there is nothing stored inside the grills. Check the racks carefully. The second thing to do is to remove the slides that let’s move the air from the charcoal. And hang them on to the side shelf.

Then open the top lid and check if there is charcoal inside. Then open the bottom hopper lid. Check if there is any charcoal Ash remained there. Then clear it. And then the final thing to do is to use any sort of fire starters to start your cooking.

first, check that there is nothing stored inside

After grilling?

Masterbuilt allows you to barbecue again if there is charcoal or wood remains after the first grilling. The thing to do to save previous charcoal is finishing cooking, just closing the air supply by putting the slides. To cook again, just remove the slides to open the air supply, and the grill is ready to use.

Easy to clean

Masterbuilt Gravity Series is easy to clean. Just open the main lid of the grill and put out the bottom rack to clean it. There are not any screws to open before putting it out. It is designed and fitted by a simple pattern.

At the bottom of the hopper, there is a door. Open it and simply put out all wasted material of charcoal and clean out the ashes easily.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series is easy to clean


Masterbuilt Gravity Series

There are two famous series available under Masterbuilt Gravity.

1- Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

2- Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

Masterbuilt Gravity series with Masterbuilt charcoal

Masterbuilt Gravity series with Masterbuilt charcoal smoker gravity through you can bake, grill, grill, smoke, roast, and many other cooking techniques you want to.

  • The Masterbuilt gravity charcoal hopper holds upto 15 hours of charcoal. It ensures to provide a constant fuel to fire.
  • You can set that temperature down to 150 degrees and up to 700 degrees. Masterbuilt claims that you can reach upto 225 degrees within 7 minutes and also upto 700 degrees within 13 minutes.
  • Control the temperature through a Digital control panel or through your smartphone by connecting it by Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Masterbuilt Gravity hopper feeds about 10lbs of lump charcoal. You also can use 16lbs. Of briquettes charcoal, and both will last longer-term, about 12 to 15 hours.
  • It holds two durable, nonstick porcelain-coated grill racks that provide 240 square inches of extra cooking space. These warming racks consist of a total of 560 square inches of space to cook.
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 560 series contains switches on both lids the hopper lids or side door; whenever you want to load or maintain the food, the Digital fan will automatically get off. It works as a safety feature.

space to cook


Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050

If you love to do barbecues with family, get together or with friends. Then, you must have Masterbuilt Gravity at your home. As it makes your grill fast, easy, and full of tastes.

Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 series is the best one for roasting, baking, searing, or any barbecues.

  • Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 works as a grill plus as a grill smoker. The digital control panel allows you to hold all control of this series.
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 smoker reaches upto 225 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes. Moreover, 700 degrees Fahrenheit in only 15 minutes.
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 series comes with the hopper that holds about 10 lbs of lump charcoal in eight hours. Moreover, 16 lbs of briquettes charcoal the same in eight hours.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to control the temperature and hold all control through your smartphone. So, no need to get up and check the temperature again and again. This fantastic feature lets you know and up to date you about what’s going on while cooking.
  • After setting temperature through your smart device, with the help of Digital Fan, it maintains the required temperature.
  • Sear cast-iron grates make attractive and consistent sears at your food.
  • By adding sear iron grates with foldaway and smoking racks, the total space for grilling becomes upto 1050 square inches.

? Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 works as a grill plus as a grill smoker

How does the Masterbuilt Gravity series work?

It is a very comfortable machine to use. By understanding three steps, you can use it like an expert.

1- Load

The first step is to load the charcoal or wood into the hopper by opening the top lid.

2- Light

The second step is to put a fire starter in the hopper’s button by opening the bottom lid. And ignite it by fire. Hold fire for one-two minutes on fire starter. It will then automatically start the fire precess.

3- Set

Set the temperature that you require by digital control panel or by your smartphone after connecting it by Masterbuilt charcoal smoker gravity.

Masterbuilt Gravity 560 vs. 1050

comparison between masterbuild gravity models

Lid design

560 When to open it, it will be landed on the lid of the grill. And it may cause any mark on the body of the grill. When to open it, it is fixed on a brace. And it is not enough to keep, and maybe it can fall due to fast wind while opening it.

Grilling space

Masterbuilt Gravity 560 series carries a total of 560 square inches of space for cooking. While Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 contains a total of 1050 square inches of cooking space. Both series include two steps grills.

Bottom racks

Masterbuilt Gravity 560 series contains a wired rack at the bottom. You can put things on this grill to work with ease. It includes a sturdy look and gives double support to the machine. While Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 series carries more premium bottom shelf. It has a beautiful, sturdy rack.

Body material

560 series contains a higher gage of the steel body. While Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 series carries a high-quality metal body.

Temperature Gauge and hopper

Both Masterbuilt Gravity series 560 and 1050 holds the same type, and the same features Temperature Guages and Feeding Hoppers. Both are suitable to use lump and briquettes charcoals.