Inside the MIT Spinoff, that?s Making Inception-Style Dream Manipulation Possible

Making Inception-Style Dream Manipulation Possible

If someone tells you something, you are going to think about that- this is the Inception-style dream theory. Adam Haar Horowitz and a team of researchers have made a pair of Dream Tracking Gloves that will register your dreams for you to know it after waking up.

Who is Adam Haar Horowitz?

Adam Haar Horowitz is a member of the Dream Lab that has been set up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on an experimental basis. It is a ?lab-within-lab-within-a-lab? that has been developed under the Fluid Interfaces Group led by Professor Pattie Maes at the well-known Media Lab at MIT.

About the Media Lab

For a few years now the Media Lab is the home to some of the innovative and unorthodox technology projects. They have experimented on a lot of things including a collapsible car that can be parked in a small area and a computer vision that tells you about the safest urban area. They have also come up with a programming language named Scratch used by millions of children across the world.

Researchers and the Research

Project leader Adam Haar Horowitz along with other researchers, Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar, Oscar Rosello, Ishaan Grover, Eyal Perry, Kathleen Esfahany, Tomas Vega, Christina Chen, Matthew Ha, and Abhi Jain have built a pair of wearable Dream Tracking Gloves. It is designed for hacking your dreams. Till now, sleep research was confined to the walls of the labs with heavy equipment. But now an iOS app will be used for the ?Dormio Project.? The recent developments in biosensors have made them available and affordable. Algorithms for machine learning used for analyzing data streams are increasing. This has unlocked the age where sleep research can be done when the person is sleeping at the comfort of their home.

Dream Tracking Gloves
Image Credit: Digital Trends

Dormio Project? in a Nutshell

There is a gloved device that the user will have to wear. This device will collect bio-signals to track changes in different stages of sleep. These signals are tracked from the hand using the data collected from the heart rate, tone of the finger muscles, and skin conductance of the wearer. All of these factors change when someone is sleeping. When the bio-signals indicate the state of sleep transition to be ending, the tracking gloves activate an audio tune like the Inception protocol. When played wakes the wearer slightly, but not in a full wakefulness state.

Build Your Device

The Dream Tracking Gloves, Dormio will not be a kick-starter nor will it become MIT?s flagship device. It is for those people who do not have any idea about technology can access it. You can build a pair of Dream Tracking Gloves for yourself with a circuit