Microsoft Games Big Game Pass Numbers Show Us the Future of Xbox

Microsoft Big Game Pass Numbers Show Us the Future of Xbox

From all the good things that you have heard about the game Gears Tactics, you must give it a try. If you don?t want to believe in what you have heard. You can check out various reviews that have been posting for a while now. There are so many reasons to give thumbs up to this game. It has been released and is getting good scores. You can get the game at $59.99 which has got a standard triple ?A? release. This is one of the first-party Microsoft games. If you are subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate then you get a certain advantage. It means that you need to access this game just after its launch. Or just kind of download from any Microsoft Store.

Game Pass Ultimate Subscriber Benefits

There is a magic of being subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate. It is a service that is much cheaper than most others compared to what it provides. It has been one of the big bets for Microsoft for both the future of gaming and Xbox at large. Now it is getting some numbers to find out how it is turning out. Microsoft just got 10 million subscribers to Game Pass Unlimite. This milestone can be considere as significant because it also includes some of the growth across the board in gaming that has been seen during the lockdown period.

The Empowerment of Game Pass

Game Pass has played its responsibility to increase multiplayer modes for games and social engagement. It is empowering gamers and their friends to open up to discover various new games that they have not play before. Many of the players have also discover new genres of Microsoft games in Xbox Game Pass that they have not experience before. This speaks about the success of Xbox where players share and celebrate new games that the platform loves to showcase works, from indie developers to hit games, with an exclusive point of view.

Microsoft Game Pass Subscription Crucial for Games

It is thought that Game Pass Unlimit is crucial for the company for making next-generation plans for Xbox from head to toe. If it is assume that the Xbox Series X will be launch with a trial subscription. It means every player who has Xbox Series X will have the chance to play Halo Infinite from the first day. The rest of the first-party line-up of Microsoft are considerably streamlining the process of how to get a new console and buying games to play on it. And if Microsoft comes up with a second lower-tier console, then it will be combine with the Game Pass with the hardware prices being lower to attract those with a fixed budget.

Changing Gaming Industry with Services Based on Subscription

There lie several questions about how services based subscriptions are going to change the gaming industry. A majority of people are optimistic about the change or the impact that these services are going to have on small Microsoft games. As content-driven and music-driven services are changing, Game Pass will also become dominant in the crowd of the gaming market.