Instagram Now Let?s You See Your DMs on Desktop

Instagram Now Let?s You See Your DMs

Finally, after a lot of trials, Instagram, the social media site has introduced direct messages to the web. So, you can simply slide your favorite DM even when you are away from your phone. The announcement came on 10th April.

With this newly rolled out feature, you will now be able to send, read, and also respond to DMs from your web browser just like you used to do on your mobile app. The added aspects like the gif and emoji come along with it. Now, you can share videos or images you like directly from the feed to someone?s DM.

Instagram users have highly appreciated this much-requested feature that had been in development for a long time now. In January, it was testing the feature by allowing a small percentage of global users to access the feature on the website. This feature was developed keeping in mind the influencers, businesses, and anyone who has to send a great number of direct messages. The new feature will also improve the app experience across devices. After almost three months of the testing period, the feature is now available for the users.

A representative from the social media site, Instagram, said that they hope that it will give creators, people, and businesses easy access to messages and enable them to stay in touch with their followers and friends.

Facebook has been concentrating on messaging in the last few months. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO had stated last spring that the group, private messaging, and Stories are the three most rapidly growing aspects of online communication. It has been long since the Instagram stories have been introduced IG on desktop. And with the announcement on 10th April, it will now let users access the group chats and private messages on the browser. This aligns with what the Facebook CEO said is going to their priority.

What?s in the Making?

Mark Zuckerberg had stated last year that in the future, the company is going to allow WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook users to text each other irrespective of the platform they use. When this happens, it is going to bring about a great change. However, until now there has not been any news about pulling off this feature. DM on IG

The company has already bridged its platform?s features by offering video chatting, stories on social media sites like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. As they have now put Instagram Direct Messages on the desktop with the IG new updates, it will now be easier to use any online chatting platforms powered by Facebook, no matter the device you are using.

When a mobile app has a message feature, it is logical enough to introduce that option in desktop browsers. This serves as a source of ease for the users. No doubt, it is a smart strategy opted by Instagram to keep their users hooked to the product be it on the desktops or smartphones.