U.S. Space Force’s First Offensive Weapon is a Satellite Jammer

U.S. Space Force’s First Offensive Weapon

Technology has changed the way defense mechanisms operate in the world. Countries that are dependent on communication from satellites orbiting the earth for their armies and other men on the ground in war or warlike times are in for a shock. The US Space Force has a communications system described by defense analysts as the most lethal weapon in the history of space defense. In other words, with the help of new technology, the USA has developed a non-destructive electronic weapons system which has given the American military a decisive edge in combat situations.

What is the New Weapon?

The new Counter Communications System is called Block10.2 and was originally introduced in 2004 in the US Air Force. In its latest avatar, this communications system has developed capabilities to impair radio frequencies of other countries like never before and never imagined. It was recently initiated into the 4th Space Control Squadron of the US Space Force at the Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

  • The ground-based Jammer is called Counter Communications System Block10.2.
  • Its original version was with the US Air Force since 2004.
  • Developed over the years to give the US military an edge over enemy countries.
  • It is now in possession and for use by the US Space Force.

What does the New Weapon do?

With CCS Block10.2 USA has the power to disable communication satellites of other countries. It has given the US military an edge over its adversaries in offensive situations. For instance, it is now in a position to immobilize any communication the enemy country?s military can receive or send to its troops on the ground and military commanders sitting in war rooms.

  • It can jam communication satellites of enemy countries.
  • It will immobilize transmission of orders to enemy commanders and boots on the ground.
  • The enemy cannot now know of the US military?s plans through its satellites.
  • It scrambles signals of the enemy satellites.
  • It is very useful in combat operations.

Who Developed CCS Block10.2?

L3 Harris got the contract to develop CCS B10.2 and took five years to create it for use by the US military. The latest weapon in the US Space Force armory has additional frequencies and more advanced options to disrupt enemy communications.

What is US Space Force?

  • Set up by President Donald Trump in December 2019 as a separate military branch.
  • It will protect US interests in space.
  • It has the powers to conduct operations in space for protection of the USA and its people.

Difference between Space Force and NASA

Critics and defense analysts have been questioning the need to have a new Space Force when the USA already had NASA. The reason why the present US administration has created a new agency is to keep it exclusively for military operations. NASA continues to explore space and launch satellites, while the US Space Force will conduct only military operations and provide support to other defense branches.

Role of Satellites in Military Operations

Communication satellites are the backbone of any military operation. Planners and generals rely on them to communicate with the boots on the ground and commanders leading the operations. The issue with most of them is that such satellites orbit at a trajectory much higher than that of the normal civilian satellites so that they can cover more footprints over the earth. Therefore, developing a weapon to shoot them down is unthinkable. The only way to take them on is to jam their frequencies. And that is exactly what the US Space Force is now capable of doing.

Other Countries with this Capability

Russia and China have the capability to fire signals in space to immobilize communication from satellites. However, little is known about them as countries have preferred to keep their development and such an operation under wraps.