NASA Helicopter Ingenuity will Go to Mars with Perseverance Rover this Year

NASA Helicopter Ingenuity will Go to Mars

Plans are there for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to fly a helicopter on Mars. NASA is currently working on developing a miniature top helicopter to send it to the red planet with a deserving yet catchy name. The Perseverance rover of NASA is not the only machine that will be going to Mars when it gets launched in the middle of 2020. The mini helicopter has been named ?Ingenuity?. It will be accompanying the rover Perseverance.

NASA?s Name Announcement

The choice of name for the mini NASA helicopter to be sent to Mars was recently announced by the space agency on 29th April. An essay contest ?Name the Rover? was held for getting the name of the miniature helicopter and the lucky person was a student from Alabama High School whose name was approved by NASA.

Who is the Lucky Person?

Vaneeza Rupani studies in the 11th grade at Alabama High School. She wrote, the brilliance and ingenuity of those who are working hard for overcoming different challenges of traveling from planet to planet are allowing the residents of the country to experience the wonders and surprises of space and planets like Mars exploration.

What Rupani Has to Say?

It is not that Vaneeza Rupani selected the word ?ingenuity? out of Curiosity. She chose it because of this the machine was designed. The challenges faced by the designers to make something that can fly on any other planet can only be conquered with creativity and collaboration. It is because of ?Ingenuity? of an extremely talented group of people who can create and develop something like this amidst all the complex challenges.

About ?Ingenuity??

The helicopter that is going to fly to Mars can be dubbed as a device made with high rewarding technology field exercise. The device will sit on top of the belly of the rover Perseverance and will be carried by it to the planet in some months before it is deployed. NASA hopes that ?Ingenuity?, the NASA helicopter will prove that powered flights can be achieved on planets like Mars.

What?s More in Store for NASA?s Space Mission?

The Perseverance rover developed by NASA will be carrying an inspiring message that has been coded by the designers to the red planet. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said regarding this message that the future aircraft will investigate specific targets that are sometimes difficult to reach by a big device, such as deep craters, caves, and cliffs. The future aircraft like the NASA helicopter that they are making will be able to carry science instruments that are small in size or it can also act as scouts for robotic explorers as well as humans on the red planet or any other celestial body.

Flying Schedule?

NASA has announced that they have scheduled the rover Perseverance to fly to Mars approximately in July or August in 2020. If all goes well and according to their plan, then the rover will arrive on Mars in 2021 February. NASA stated if this mission becomes successful then it will be one step nearer to the fact that flight to any other planet in the future is possible.