Free PlayStation Plus Games for May 2020 Revealed

PlayStation Plus Games for May 2020 Revealed

PlayStation Plus is the membership club for Sony for the gamers who use PS3, PS Vita, and/or PS4 consoles. One of the attractive deals that this membership is now offering its gamers is that you get the opportunity to connect to a lot of the free PlayStation Plus games every month. And this is the reason why a lot of gamers are reaching out to get PS Plus membership

What is the Membership Fee?

You get a lot of advantages out of the membership fee that you pay for PlayStation Plus. The current fee structure of Sony offers membership for 1 month at $9.99, membership for 3 months at $24.99, and membership for 12 months at $59.99. You can even buy the Sony memberships for PlayStation Plus through sites like Amazon.

What does this Membership Allow?

Apart from getting free games each month, gamers get a lot of other perks and benefits too. Certain games allow the PS Plus members to access several multiplayer modes online. The members also get discounts on some of the PlayStation Plus games. The gaming members can get access to things like demos and betas earlier as well.

How Many Free Games can the Members Get?

Generally, four to five games are added to the service for the members every month. But you need to snag them fast because Microsoft removes the games exactly a month after they have been added to PS Plus. Otherwise, you can download them as soon as they are added. Luckily, the downloaded ones remain for a long time.

What are the Free PlayStation Plus Games to Snag?

The games that you can snag with your PS Plus subscription from 5th May to 1st June are:

1: Cities: Skylines

The game Cities: Skylines is developed by Paradox Interactive. In this game, you make various decisions to see whether your city flourishes or fails. You need to be strategic and smart so that your burgeoning ecosystem does not collapse. You need to ensure that your ever-growing population is happy and all the industries that act as the lifeblood to your ever-expanding metropolis continue to flourish.

2: Farming Simulator 19

If you are all stressed by the hustle and bustle of the city life and want to tackle a more sedate life, then Farming Simulator 19 awaits you to escape into the rural culture. The game, developed by GIANTS Software, is packed with agricultural leisure time. It lets you lose yourself to set out for maintaining a farmhouse. You can raise livestock, harvest crops, ride horses that you own, and also tackle the forest. You can ride the John Deere tractor of yours or drive any one of more than 300 vehicles that are authentic for farming.

What?s in Store for Other Players?

Apart from new PlayStation Plus games for PS Plus members, other gamers also have the option to play new games. The Xbox users have a myriad of games to choose from through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Games with Gold. The Nintendo Switch users can play a lot of games available on Nintendo Switch Online. The subscribers of Google Stadia will also get some new games.