Oculus quest 128gb – VR Gaming System


Oculus quest 128gb is the newest upgraded VR set, by Facebook. Basically, it is a gaming system that works as an indirect reality-based system. Surprisingly, after getting this virtual reality-based system, you do not need any PC or any additional gaming setup. What do you need to run it is only Oculus quests mobile app, which makes you free to prospect VR from anywhere. 

In addition, in Oculus quest VR 128gb, VR is the virtual use of computer technology to generate a simulated environment. Notably, there are sensors on the inside headset that exactly track the movements and, at the same time, transform them into VR. Consequently, the procedure is to help you navigate the nearby objects.

What does 128gb exactly mean? 

Most importantly, nowadays, the contents’ storage space is becoming a considerable aspect before buying any device or smartphone. Especially when you are out of station or during traveling, you desire to have a lot of cool stuff with you. 

Accordingly, the Oculus quest presents you with great storage of about 128gb. Notably, there are rumors of Oculus quest 256gb going to be in stock very soon, at the end of 2020, or the beginning of 2021. 

Mainly, Oculus quest 128gb does not allow you to add up more space as it does not support a micro SD card. So you have to rely on the given storage. 

Notably, Oculus quest 128gb VR in stock available at many stores and online stores as well. 

What are the primary accessories the Oculus quest 128GB includes? 

Importantly, the Oculus quest 128gb holds a number of primary accessories that facilitate you in different ways. These are:

  • Oculus quest Headset
  • Two touch controllers and Lanyards
  • AA Batteries 
  • Glasses spacer 
  • Reference guide 
  • Safety and warranty guide 

Notably, Additional accessories of Oculus quest 128GB include Quest In-ear-headphones.

What are the basic attributes Oculus quest 128gb includes?

VR HeadsetUndoubtedly, the Oculus quests provide many facilities for its users, especially gaming lovers, will enjoy it like a pro gaming virtual system. Further, it moves your virtual gaming to the upgraded next level while you are in one place. 

Notably, the Oculus quests 128gb comes with a carrying case. Consequently, you can take it as long with you while traveling. Importantly, it also works whether you are offline. It works as a remarkable offline device. So, stay confident to bring it with you during traveling or visiting anywhere. 

Mainly, the Oculus quest provides you hold on app positional tracking and brings for you fantastic controls. This virtual reality system is becoming the best demand for the people of the new Era. As it holds the following spectacular attributes: 

  • Oculus quest 128gb VR headset 
  • Easy setup and use 
  • Oculus touch controllers 
  • Oculus inside tracking 
  • Marvelous VR games
  • Positional audio 
  • Oculus guardian system


Oculus quest 128gb VR Headset 

Virtual Reality Gaming set

128gb Oculus quest VR Headset provides a comfortable fit. Firstly, you need to know how to properly wear your headset to make the picture clear and to make the headset comfortable. The first step is to make your back straps create the base of your head. Then, adjust the head strap up and down to make it a comfortable fit for the rest of your face. 

And finally, adjust the toggle on the bottom left of your headset to make the headset clear. The headset is fit when it rests on your face lightly, and then it allows you to see the pictures clearly. 

Notably, the Oculus quest 128gb will go to sleep if the sensors above the head are not fully covered as the headset sensors know that you are wearing it correctly.

In addition, the Oculus quest 128gb VR Headset provides you a world’s tour in one place. As it holds the tremendous features that take you to the other fiction world in minutes. Impressively, it includes traits like: 

  • More performance 
  • More play 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 
  • 50% increased Pixel resolution 
  • AAA Games and Immersive content 
  • Ever-expanding social experience 
  • More freedom 
  • Wireless All in one VR 
  • PC VR Compatible with Oculus link 

Importantly, you can transform yourself into a new world with VR experience. 

Play for real with the next level of VR 

Basically, the Oculus quest provides reality-based virtual realities, as by using it, you bring you to the places where you feel you are actually there. Mainly, there are two major hardware parts of the Oculus quest. The one is a headset, and the other is touch controllers. 

All in one VR system 

Mostly, wires always create irritation while playing games, listening to music by wired headphones, on anywhere else. Consequently, most people love to buy wireless objects for comfort and ease. 

Specifically, gaming lovers have to deal with wires and PC as well. But the Oculus quest 128gb provides a wireless and PC free virtual gaming system with a lot of memory. 

How to set up your Oculus quest 128gb account?

VR Gaming set

Basically, this next-level device maintains its easy setup for its users. The connectivity with your smartphone is easy, whether you have a smartphone or either an iPhone. 

Fundamentally, the first thing to start the set up is to download the Oculus quest smartphone app by Google Play store or either Apple app store. Mostly, you do not need your smartphone all the time; you will need it only on the initial setup. Further, once you install the Oculus quest app, open it, and it will show you the Login screen. 

Furthermore, if you do not have an account before, it’s no need to worry. Just login with your email address or either your Facebook account. Most importantly, the Facebook login is recommended as it easily allows you to add friends and share your content. 

Moreover, games and apps that you will download will automatically link to your account. Significantly, the apps and games will be safe even if something happens to your Oculus quest headset. 

Additionally, once you logged your account, this fantastic app will take you to the privacy screen setting. Mainly, the privacy settings allow you to choose the people and know-how people’s concert. It provides the four options that are:

  • Anyone
  • Friends 
  • Only friends you choose 
  • Only you 

Mainly, if you log in to the Oculus quest app the first time, it will automatically take you to choose a headset. Consequently, it makes you complete the setup process. 

The final step, Oculus quest Safety tutorial: 

Notably, after completing the setup account process, the Oculus Quest will automatically take you to watch a short video. Further, it shows you how to use your Oculus quest safely. Moreover, once you watch the video, and after acknowledging the health and safety warning, you have completed the Oculus quest 128gb setup. 

Play area setup

Notably, the Oculus quest allows you to play in room scales. It creates the ability to walk around in your play area, either in a standing or sitting mode. 

Basically, it’s up to you to select the preferences to choose the area you will choose. Mostly, 6.5x 6.5 square feet room is the best size for almost all gaming required spaces. But sometimes, you may need a more extensive scale area. 

Oculus quest 128gb guardian system 

Notably, if you are a new user or Oculus quest 28gb system, you definitely want to use the guardian boundaries to secure from any accident. 

Impressively, the Oculus quest includes this outstanding feature of blue guardian boundaries. Once you open this and apply, a blue boundary will automatically appear around you according to your play area. Further, if you will get close to the edge or step outside of this boundary, it will automatically give you a warning. 

Oculus quest 28gb touch controllers

Importantly, touch controllers are a major part, especially for gamers. Oculus quest touch controllers are easy to connect with headset. Basically, touch controllers convey your hand motioning to the game. Your hand moves and grabs appear to the virtual reality system and give realistic precision. 

Positional audio 

Mainly, the Oculus quest also contains positional audio built-in to the headset. Primarily, this allows you to hear your opponent or teammate and what’s the private conversation behind you without any headphones. 

Glass spacer 

Notably, if your eye side is weak and you use glasses. Oculus quest 128gb considers this problem and gives a great solution by adding up a glass spacer. Consequently, you can fix your glasses in the provided spacer and entertain yourself without any hassle. 

Maintenance and care of Oculus quest 128gb 

Mostly, people do not know how to use, maintain, and care for the devices. Similarly, in the Oculus quest, 128gb people usually do not read the maintenance and cautions they should know. Further, the essential cures to maintain your Oculus device are: 

  • Firstly, keep your Oculus device headset away from direct sunlight as the rays of the sun can do permanent damages to the screen of the headset inside. So, never put the headset near the window or any place where the sun rays can directly hit the headset. 
  • Secondly, do not clean the headset with any alcohol or solution you are keeping in your house for cleaning purposes as they could easily damage the device. Further, to clean it, use a non-aggressive fabric or antibacterial wipes. 

Oculus quest warranty 

Impressively, a big plus point is that Oculus is giving a warranty of defect and malfunction coverage. 

Oculus quest 64gb vs. 128gb

64 gb vs 128 gb VR

Importantly, if you think of buying the Oculus quest device, then the first thing to come in your mind is how much storage space should your device contains. Basically, the storage size depends on your required desire and use. 

Moreover, in the smartphone case, you always focus on massive storage space to keeping safe your stuff and other content. But it’s different considerations regarding gaming headsets

Basic specifications of Oculus quest 64gb/128gb: 

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 
  • Qualcomm Adreno 540 GPU 
  • Identical eight Kryo CPUs 
  • RAM: 4GB 
  • Internal Storage: 64GB/128GB 
  • Connectivity: wifi, Bluetooth and USB Type-C

Why should you buy Oculus quest 128gb? 

  • Specifically, if you are a heavy gamer, you should buy a big storage Oculus quest 128gb VR headset. Because you always need space to download heavy games to enjoy your gaming experience. 
  • Additionally, if you love to watch movies, then 128gb is also a suitable storage space to download many movies and different other content at a time. Undoubtedly, it allows you to keep thousands of audio tracks as well. 
  • Mainly the second main difference is the price. As Oculus quest 128gb costs some more as compared to the Oculus quest 64gb version. 

How Oculus quest 64gb is different from Oculus quest 128gb 

According to the above-given specifications, there is no difference between Oculus quest 64gb and Oculus quest 128gb as both versions carry the same cores, graphic chips, and Random access memories. 

Basically, there are only two differences between them. 

  • Storage size 
  • Price 

Accordingly, Oculus quest 128gb holds 128gb storage space by paying some more worth of money. Similarly, Oculus quest 64gb contains 64gb storage size with less price. 

  • Conclusion

I conclude that this new technology presented by Facebook is incredible to use. Mostly, teenagers are anxiously always waiting for such sort of devices that hold unique attributes. Further, the buying choice is yours as per your need, demand, and budget as well. I will recommend Oculus quest 128gb because you can feel relaxed about storage shortage problems by paying some more money.