PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royale Pass official update

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) is entering the new season 9 as the season 8 is concluding. There are loads of excitement and fun awaiting the PUBG enthusiasts in the new PUBG Mobile Royale Pass season 9.? The new Season 9 comes out with a lot of features, new skins, and much other exciting stuff to keep the PUBG fans on the hook.

What to Expect in Season 9?

It is believed that the new season will look to unite all the warriors from around the globe. The players can make use of the all-new Royale Pass for the Season 9 to get the new warrior-themed gear, wardrobe, weapons, and a lot more. There are going to be new challenges, missions, events, and rewards that the PUBG fanatics will come across in this new season. The players can download the new version of the PUBG Royale Pass season 9 from the Apple Store or Google Play using their iPhones or Android phones respectively.

New Missions on Offer

The PUBG Royale Pass season 9 from Tencent Games has ?A Warrior?s Journey? event inside the game that comes with a lot of new missions and bootie. There is a chance for the PUBG fans to win a trip to the PMCO 2019 Fall Splits Global Finals to take part in the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge. The prize pool that is on offer is $1 million. The missions have gone through an overhaul and look more enticing and attractive in this season 9. There is also the introduction of the new timer for this season and the Royale Pass sharing page has also got on upgrade.? Some of the changes and additions were seen in the PUBG Royale Pass season 9 are:

  • Restyled ranking pages.
  • Redesigned missions.
  • Countdown timer that leads to the new season.
  • Reminders for the new weekly mission.
  • Expired vehicles will not be shown in the lobby.
  • Discounts and prizes for firearm finish in the free mode using unknown cash purchase.

PUBG Royale Pass

The Royale Pass for the season 9 will be similar to all the other previous edition Royale Pass. All the players interested to try out season 9 are offered a free Royale Pass. It is nothing but the feature through which the players can get rewards while playing PUBG. The players have a chance to boost their Royale Pass rankings by completing the daily missions and the challenges. The goal of the player must be to win as many RP points as possible to unlock a lot of features. The next season?s Elite Pass is earned by the player once he or she gets 6000 UC. There are a lot of things that can be unlocked when the player reaches a certain number of Royale Pass points. The reward levels are set as 10 rewards in every set of 10 levels. The levels start from 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, and go on. The amount that the player needs to spend to get at the top Elite Plus level is 1800UC and a lot of rewards and gifts are included in this pass.