PUBG Seasons 10 New Update ? A Craze To The Game Lovers

Welcome to Pubg seasons 10 new update 2019.


September 12, 2017; I bought PUBG, although it was still in early access. I had found a few of my friends play, and all streamers ever play it. I thought, why not?


It was $30, which is not inexpensive, but not very bad. From what I had known, the developer was very hard-working and alert in development. Therefore I bought it in, and for a while, it was extremely fun.


We were a group of friends who would play squads with &, being my first FPS on PC, I experienced how to play with a mouse and keyboard. Of course, there were hackers and bugs, but it is an early access game, you look for that.


Right? Well, right.


Things seem good, and updates were coming in. Everyone was looking forward to what would be the next update of this game.


Well, this game had several updates, and Pubg season 10 is one of those updates that would come soon. Here is in this article I will discuss the ins and out of the Pubg seasons 10 new update.


Season 10?s Release Date:


Since the inception of PUBG on February 9, 2018, every season has lasted for approximately three months. In the middle of September, Season 9 was launched with the payload mode & Warrior theme.


This implies that PUBG Mobile Season 10 would release most probably by November 9. Now we have proof that PUBG Mobile entered on Season 10. Also, there is a smart countdown that you may get in the PUBG Mobile app.


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Features of the PUBG Season 10:


  • Season 10 Tier Rewards:


With Season 10 every player of PUBG will get some rewards to achieve the tire. These are important with every update in the game to keep the passion live of arriving at the champion. The Season 10 Rewards for getting the tier are including:


  • Season 10 Avatar Frame Rewards
  • Season 10 Character Costume
  • Season 10 M249 Gun Skin on Diamond Tier
  • Season 10 Parachute Skin on Ace Tier


  • Zima (A new vehicle):


Another significant feature that would take PUBG mobile Season 10 to the next level is the brand new four-wheeler, namely Zima. It is a brand new vehicle that looks almost the same as the UAZ. You will find this vehicle in the PUBG PC Lite (at Vikendi Map).


  • Sara (A brand new character):


After getting Zima, you will have another match-winning feature, namely Sara, which is a brand new character in PUBG. Sara will provide plenty of catchphrases, costumes, and new emotes, which you can unlock by finishing the missions & success.


  • MP5K (Brand new weapon):


One of the best features you can enjoy with Season 10 is its brand new SMG Gun (the MP5K). If you are a fan of the UMP & the Vector, you can enjoy having an alternative gun to fight against the enemies.


You will find 9mm ammo in this brand new weapon MP5K, which supports all weapon attachments that makes it a versatile choice for PUBG lovers.


  • Extra features:


Also, you might get some other features in Pubg seasons 10 new update, which could make this game extraordinary to its lovers. Let?s take a look at the features which are expected to release.


  • New TDM Map based on Sanhok
  • Some Extra Emotes
  • Season 10 Skins (parachute skin- Ace Parachute ) with yellow and dark theme & Frames
  • M14 and AKM Skin (in the Free Royale Pass Mission)
  • Some additional rewards such as Parachute, Costumes, BP, Silver Frags and much more

PUBG Season 10?s Royale Pass cost:


The latest season will launch an ?Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Pass? with some exclusive rewards for PUBG Mobile players. Season 10 also comes with Elite Pass, Royal Pass, and Elite Upgrade Pass.


The expected cost of the Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Passes 600 UC, which adds approximately $12 or?9.99. However, if you want to have the best bang for the buck, you may go through Elite Upgrade Plus. The approximate cost of Elite Upgrade Plus is around 1800 UC (roughly ?28 or $35).




There you have the possible changes which we are aware of about the Pubg seasons 10 new update. If we receive any other information about this new update, then we will inform and share it with you ASAP.


However, you would better know when you can finally reach on the update of Pubg seasons 10. If you have any questions or if you think we missed something, then please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks. Enjoy the Pubg seasons 10 update.