Really Rad Robots – What Are They Really?

Here at Really RAD Robots, we make robots for you! Like any good friend, you’re really rad robotic pal! Miberman comes with an adorable plush controller so you can easily get up to all kinds of mischief with it. Miberman is your ultimate robotic servant.

really rad robots

It’s really easy to work with. There are eight mini-feet of programming space and lots of buttons and joysticks. When you first get the remote, start by putting in the batteries. Hook up the sensors and get ready to rock and roll. The really neat thing about this toy is that it will automatically play tunes as you move it around.

When it’s time to teach your pretty little brain what to do, simply put it to one side and let it loose. Oh, you’re thinking… This robot won’t play well if it’s tired. But that’s exactly what you’ll get when you give it some TLC. Just give it some creative freedom and it will do just fine.

Don’t worry too much about replacing batteries because they’re readily available. There are also plenty of attachments available, too. Some of them you may not want or need right away. But there are some that you will find yourself using pretty frequently. And some you may find that you really need to have on hand.

In the future, perhaps some kid will come up with a really cool idea for a toy. And the company will have one to fill. Right now, though, the company only manufactures the robot kit and the robot parts. They don’t manufacture anything else.

That’s okay though because really rad robots are the best choice for a beginner. They’re simple to set up and they really only take a few minutes to do. And since they only cost about $30 each, it really won’t cost you much to start your first little project.

Or what about a really easy one? For example, how about a really neat remote control helicopter. First, you’ll need the transmitter and the radio controls to do it. Then, you’ll be ready to go out and take those first flights. And yes, they are quiet! We all know that helicopters have fans that move air around them in order to produce the noise that we hear above.

really rad robots

But when you’re up in the air, you really don’t even hear it. Except for that little bit you can hear above you when you’re flying over. And with the proper setup, you won’t have to. So you’ll be getting those first really cool remote-controlled rides without the hassle. And the experience will be really sweet.

In addition to this, those radio controls give you the ability to really turn on the creative side of yourself. After all, there’s really nothing more annoying than getting something really simple and stuck just right. Just when you think you’ve gotten that frustration over with, you find yourself wanting to go way out of your box and do something really outrageous. Who has time for that?

And the RC helicopters aren’t just limited to those big ones. There are really neat electric RC toys for beginners out there. Some are really easy and fun to fly. Others are more complicated, but when you’re in the air, the simple ones work great.

But the real reason to buy one of these is for the fun! If you haven’t had one, you really should get one. I mean really rad robots! How many other toys let you do all of this? And let them do it really well. With the exception of the extremely expensive ones, really?

It’s like having your own personal “personal TV” showing up at your home at all times. You really can take it wherever you go and really feel like you’re part of it, without really having to get up and change a channel! That’s why RC toys are really popular now, and really will be for a long time to come!