Robots for Home & Business Made Affordable

There were a few random articles and news in the past where humanoids and robo-pets were displayed to the public. But, hardly there were any commercial robots that you could take home. In short, there was nothing substantial beyond prototypes in labs. This scenario is changing with Ubtech, a company that offers robots and robot-kits where you can play, code and use them for assistance.

Story of Innovation

The company that was established in 2008, and started releasing its first set of products in 2012, has been striving persistently. To help robots reach every home and office, and become a part of the community is what they aim for. You can learn more about this company, known as Ubtech Robotics, from their Facebook and YouTube videos. Their products are amazing. From humanoids to robokits, there is something for you.

They are the leading company in AI, object recognition, computer vision, and mobile robotics today, and are growing at a rapid pace. With over 700+ patents in these short years, the work is truly astounding. The leading tech from SLAM to control and motion of these robots is developed in their labs.

Products that Stand

Among their line of humanoids or robots in human form are the three in the category of ?Premium Robots?. These are robots that stand on their own two feet and do help you as a service robot. The Alpha Mini is their latest in tech, a robot connected via 4G LTE, offering computer vision features like face recognition, expressions, voice interaction and more. This robot can get after a fall, perform moves like dancing, and truly offer a nice treat.


There is a range of more affordable robokits that are perfect for kids starting to get familiarized with the world of robots and befriend them as a part of their family. They can learn to code them and play with them. For example, their Trackbot Kit is a nice set of 357 snap-together parts. Your kid does not need to do any welding, using tools or stuff. They offer this for 8+ year?s kids and with animated building tutorials, one can easily learn so much more.

It relies on block coding on its JIMU app available on Android and iOS devices. This can be used to program the Trackbot to pick up objects, avoid obstacles and have fun. There is so much more with a variety of these robots in their inventory.


  • These are simple and beautiful aesthetically and can be used without hassle.
  • The robokits for kids can be used as a great toy and learning robotics.


  • These are not sophisticated from the ease of use for mission-critical applications.


Ubtech Robotics is truly developing a range of products for every home and business. These can help you know what a robot is, have a robo-pet in the family, help your kids learn about coding, robots, mechanical devices, and grow intellectually. With cutting-edge software, these robots are pure marvels.