The Humanoid Robot for the Whole Family ”ALPHA 2″

The world of robotics now offers humanoid robots for co-living, assisting families, entertainment for kids and adults alike. You can buy them today online.

Robots want to do anything you can to make them do. How? By programming them, designing them, and teaching them. Today AI and robotics have teamed up to create wonderful machines that work alongside humans, go to places that are dangerous for humans, and excel in pretty much everything humans do. In fact, humanoid robots are getting so common that they are being posed as wanting to replace humans as well. What would it be like if I replaced humans with humanoids in the above lines? Pretty scary…Huh? I don’t think so. At least with ALPHA 2.

The first humanoid robot for the family, ALPHA 2, is now on Amazon as well. So, check it out. A fun fact is that ALPHA 2 is the first humanoid toy robot with 20 joints to replicate human movement seamlessly.

A Humanoid Robot that Lives with Humans:

Known as ?cobots? the category of robotics that specializes in making robots that can work and live alongside humans has been around for decades. These were first introduced in industries to do the heavy lifting and were called manipulators. The heavy arms lifting boxes and timber for the sawmill were the first robots, in fact. But today, we have many such as Sony’s Aibo, Chip from WowWee, or the LG Robot. We shall take a look at some of them right now and see where we are headed in the near future.

UBTECH’s Humanoid Robot Called ALPHA 2:

This humanoid robot, according to the company, has been designed for co-living. It has been designed in mind to stay with humans, for practical household services and companionship. This is meant for the whole family, as they mention. As of now, the bot is readily available for purchase too.

As can be seen in this video, ALPHA 2 is an amazing humanoid robot. It can do many things like below.

ALPHA 2’s Features:

  • The above video showcases a lot of activities and tasks that ALPHA 2 can perform.
  • The humanoid robot can handle telling stories and helping your kids to fall asleep.
  • It can adjust your home with Bluetooth connected lights, fans, AC, and stuff.
  • It can act as your go-to security system by taking pictures, video feed, and so on.
  • ALPHA 2 can send them to you online, a much better deal than having a pet around.

As of now, it can’t attack and intruder likes a dog, but maybe they will release Alpha3 with that feature. Who knows!

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LG’s New Robotic Assistant does Wonder:

Besides humanoid robots, one can also do miracles with AI. As we had mentioned in the beginning, AI does everything and makes a robot possible. It can recognize things, work on tasks, and move from one place to another, connect to security systems, household appliances through Bluetooth, and help you with a lot of tasks at home.

With Cloi, LG’s new assistant, and its AI platform called ThinQ, LG has made some serious improvements and progress with a view of a connected world and connected appliances. LG also makes many of these robotic gadgets like vacuum cleaners, TV, kitchen appliances, and more that can be connected online.

Here is a look at it right now.

WowWee’s CHiP is a Smart Robot Dog for Kids:

If you ever wondered about having a pet but without any mess, perhaps CHiP is the answer to your prayers. This robot dog is much more fun than humanoid robot assistants because it behaves like one too. Starting with barking, playing, moving around, a lot of things can be performed by this mechanical wonder. Of course, vision and AI make all this possible.

You can take a look at its abilities here and then head over to their official site to learn more. Though there have been numerous attempts in making robot pets, dogs to be specific, this is the closest to a real dog so far. The CHiP can also be taught to do tasks that program it without actual programming.

The dog looks really cute, to begin with. Below are some key selling points.

CHiP’s Features:

  • With a smart band accessory, CHiP can recognize you and your voice.
  • With a Smart ball, you can teach it to fetch and play with it.
  • CHiP recharge itself by going to the charging station when it finds it lacking the juice, pretty much like asking going and serving itself and eating till heart’s content.
  • The smart pup blends together with inbuilt chip and connectivity through the CHiP app.


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Sony’s $3000 Aibo Robot Dog is a Splendid Reality:

When it comes to designing and building futuristic gadgets, Sony has always been a pioneer, from appliances, vehicles, electronics for wearables, and more. From media consumption to content creation, Sony is always at the forefront of things. Aibo, the robot dog, is no different. It is not a humanoid robot but still pretty complex and sophisticated.

First, you can look at a great unboxing video of Sony’s Aibo from Unbox Therapy. Then, we can continue happily. Some of the key features are as follows.

Aibo’s Features:

  • This is the most realistic robot dog by design and by performance just as a dog. Aibo isn’t a toy and very much alive.
  • It can learn from its environment without needing to teach specifically, but can also do that, develop relations with people.
  • There are tons of info, accessories, Aibo Patrol, Aibo Growth, communication, gestures, and a lot to learn about your new dog too.
Aibo Robot Dog
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Humanoid Robots for Family:

Despite all odds engineering disciplines have come quite far. You have robots that can not only do tasks in industries but also play with your kids, do yoga with you, and keep your home safe. ALPHA 2, whose unboxing and review can be watched here, is a wonderful toy humanoid robot. Aibo and CHiP are wonderful pets. And, AI is the common thing building sense in them making cobots possible and more credible.